Extend Your Company’s Recruiting Message to Social Outlets

In doing my research on Google I stumbled across a Google produced video on YouTube that interviewed employees and showed the viewer various locations at the Google offices. Everything looked so inviting from the sleek cafeteria to the game room and the beautiful outside patios.

If I wasn’t so invested in this whole “Work Happy Now” thing I would send my resume in right now. 😉

Google created this video to extend their marketing message.

We are a great place to work. Just look at this video, our employees love working here and I know you would love it here too.

You can extend your marketing message by creating a blog, putting out a podcast, or creating a video like Google. The quality prospects that you bring in to interview will research you on the internet.

If all they see is a boring website, (or worse yet, nothing at all) they won’t be thinking your company is an interesting place to work.

If you only recruit for “average employees,” then you’re going to end up being an average company. You must recruit superstars to take your company to the next level.

Google has so many blogs out there that I can’t keep up with all of them. I think they have one for every service they offer. They help you understand new features as well as how to maximize old ones. They do this to create a relationship with the people that love their services and products.

I know that your company probably doesn’t have the resources to do this, but you can start small by creating a basic blog that talks about your industry or gives tips to your customers. By reinforcing the relationships you already have, you are telling people in your community that you are willing to fight for their business.

Employees don’t want to work for the perfect business because every business messes up, but they want to work for a business that cares about what they do.

If you can send the message out that you care about what you do people will join in the cause.


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3 thoughts on “Extend Your Company’s Recruiting Message to Social Outlets”

  1. Very interesting. I always heard Google was the place to work. They show how companies that treat their employees like actual people do better. So many companies have forgotten this, and they are seeing the results now in this economy. Great post- I will have to take a look at that e-book.

  2. Hi Karl. I too have seen lots of pictures of Google’s headquarters and was very impressed. I couldn’t help but think of how many people are miserable in their jobs or completely uninspired by both their environment and management. Companies should really take a cue from Google.

    Granted, not all businesses have that kind of dough, but even small, positive changes can go a long way.

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