Don’t Be Afraid of the F Word

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Below is a video that I shot talking about the dreaded F word. Fired.

Working for someone else can put a person on edge. You may have a steady paycheck coming in, but that can end at anytime. There are no guarantees in the working world, especially in this tough economy.

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11 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid of the F Word”

  1. Hi Karl,
    Getting out of our comfort zone – not always easy to do! I’m reminded of a volunteer project I’m on right now – running a large basketball tournament that will happen in about a week. This has taken me outside of my comfort zone. And yet, it’s also been a great way to connect with a group of people I otherwise wouldn’t have at all. And – while taking this on – and really thinking about what was going to have to happen to have it all come together – was a bit overwhelming – up to this point – having a great group of people to work with has made it all go quite well. There is still some uneasiness – as the tournament doesn’t happen for another week. Still – I’m coming out of it all so far with much confidence in myself and my staff of people – and with many new connections.

    So, I see connections as online, offline, immediate business connections, and other connections that could be something more. And that’s all good, and a good strategy to follow. And I also believe that we should provide value to our connections, not just be looking for something from them. If this becomes a two-way street, everyone can benefit – and that’s where there’s real value.

    Very timely post (and you’re doing a great job in your video – you’re a natural in front of the camera!!)

  2. Karl- it is hard to feel good about moving out of your comfort zone when you are in a fearful place. I think now is exactly the time to re-evaluate if you are even where you want to be. If you start focusing on what you are passionate about- even as you do your job- you will generate more energy and excitement in all parts of your life. Here is a piece I wrote that points to several good resources on this topic. See what you think…

  3. Tom Volkar / Delightful Work

    Karl – Big kudos to you for stretching man. I love the vulnerable truths you’ve shared. fear doesn’t only reach the employed who fear being unemployed. It also can attack those of us who are self-employed in the most insidious ways. I’ve chosen not to listen even to public radio anymore, because their news has also been laced of late with doom and gloom.

    We’ve got to choose what feeds us and especially what feeds our confidence.

  4. So true.

    At the end of the day, I find that living from the inside out is the best recipe. It’s where your confidence and happiness have to start and a little self-reliance can go a long way.

  5. Stephen - Rat Race Trap

    Karl, I just found your site from Zen Habits – way to go! A comfort zone is the worst place to be when things are tough in the economy or at your company. I work for a giant corporation that is extremely conservative. However, even there people who step outside their comfort zone and dare to do something different, to stretch themselves, to take a chance, etc are viewed positively. I have always gone outside my comfort zone at work and now I’m doing it in my personal life with a blog. I’m way out there on that one!

    Thanks for what looks to be a great site. I’m off to read more posts now.

  6. Wherever you work it gets only happy there when you do it with inner satisfaction, with esteem toward yourself and your work. The best is you work what your talents are.

  7. Hi Karl: Building your skills and your network is within your control, while the economy isn’t. So it makes complete sense to work on what you can instead of worrying about things that are not within your control. I saw President Obama being interviewed on CNN by Anderson Cooper and he was talking about how he was amazed at how quickly the economy was disintegrating. Time to get creative 🙂

  8. Hi Lance, confidence is something I don’t talk enough about. When a person challenges himself, survives and comes out stronger like you did, their confidence grows. I need to write about the concept of confidence. Thanks!

    Hi Pearl, focusing on a passion keeps the mind occupied on the positive. There is no time to worry about what isn’t when you are knocking down your goals.

    Hi J.D., when we rely on ourselves for happiness then we can provide for our own needs.

    Hi Tom, I feel the same way. The news is such a downer that it can suck the life out of us. We have to focus on the things we can control.

    Hi Sikantis, maximizing our talents makes working happy so much easier.

    Hi Stephan, good for you. I’ll check out your blog tonight.

    Hi BOH, we have to stop repeating the same mistakes. We have to step off the same mental paths and try to open ourselves to abundance.

    Hi Marelisa, creativity is so important to creating a positive career. When we keep creating we meet new people and come up with new ideas. These are the people and concepts that help us become happy at work.

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  10. So Karl, my man…

    Is it impossible for “Crazy Larry” to work happy now? I think you owe people who stock shelves an apology. Good luck with the blog.

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