Accepting and Appreciating Negative Emotions

Michaela Johnson interviewed me for her podcast “Be You Find Happy” and I had a blast. It’s why I wanted to share it with you. I was able to do the Dig to Fly Method and she loved it. The best part was her reaction. You’ll have to have a listen.

0:33 – Science of gratitude.
2:55 – How to use gratitude to help you stop procrastinating.
4:10 – It’s ok to sit on your coach and not do your dishes.
7:01 – Accepting and appreciating negative emotions.
8:40 – Importance of meditation, journaling and conversations.
10:10 – How is talking to a therapist about a difficult problem different from talking with a friend.
12:45 – Shifting your perspective around a difficult issue.
13:54 – Appreciating the small things.
15:07 – Being grateful for the options we do have.
16:00 – How to deal with complainers.
17:01 – What is the Dig to Fly Method.
18:20 – Going through the Dig to Fly Method.
20:11 – How bad is this struggle?
22:05 – What are Michaela’s expectations of her difficult friend?
24:08 – It’s not until we are truly uncomfortable that we’ll solve the problem.
24:40 – Being mindful of her authentic self.
25:00 – Michaela’s reaction to the Dig to Fly Method.
26:40 – Going through a rebrand.
27:30 – How each question builds on the next one.
28:29 – Connecting with people in a positive way.
30:03 – Understanding why she should let go of a limiting friendship.
31:15 – Aligning with our deep feelings.
32:10 – You can’t show up with revenge.
33:27 – “Fortitude” by Dan Crenshaw
34:40 – Doing things that matter to you.

I hope you enjoy the show and jotted down some notes along the way. If you have any feedback please feel free to message me and let me know. Also if you know of a guest that I should have on my show just let me know.

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay