Create Structure to Your Inner Game

Just like that everything changed.

I went from hating my life to laughter. I was stuck in traffic and I could feel my anger rising up. Instead of stuffing it back down I turned off my music and just listened to my anger. I dug a little deeper and it became interesting. I wanted to be home, but I felt stuck. What opportunity did I have right now? I looked out the window, relaxed my gaze on a tree, got honked at, laughed at how quickly I could turn my focus around, and hit the gas peddle to catch back up to the car in front of me.

We can see life from any lens we create. You might see life as serious or beautiful or amazing or painful or a little part of all of them. It’s just about honing your inner spotlight. I focus on seeing the game in situations. I loved video games as a kid. Each game always had its rewards (diamonds, gold coins, extra gear, etc.) to encourage you to keep going and dig a little deeper to overcome the next level.

I wanted to be more playful in my life. I wanted to have a fun and structured way to dig into my mindset and get a better understanding of myself, so I could build a better career and life. My method works better than I expected. I have less anxiety and stress because I don’t let my worries ping around my brain, causing me more anguish.

You might be afraid of digging deep because there is a lot of pain there, but it does get easier. If you see a therapist, counselor or attend a group these are all good and important. You should continue to do them, but I would suggest you have a personal process to help you when you are feeling overwhelmed. You must train your inner voice to support you instead of hold you back. 

You can turn your mind into an Ally with a little practice. Think about all the wonderful teachers and coaches you have had; which ones were the best? 

What did they do well? 

From interviewing Olympians, Billionaires, best-selling authors, etc. over the years, I’ve seen a pattern that has helped them in their careers. The best people to work with are honest with you. They don’t sugar coat their answers. They don’t lie to you because they know it’s better for your long-term growth. We all want to be great to work with. The better we are, the more people want to work with us. It helps our career grow. How do they cultivate this mindset?

It starts with being honest with yourself. Are you happy? Are you as resilient as you want to be? Do you let little things bother you? Do you let your frustrations get the better of you? When you dig into these issues you peel away your armor and allow yourself to be your full self at work that’s when you build trusting relationships that grow careers.

We often don’t ask ourselves the right questions at the right time. I want that to change for you. I want you to dig into your thoughts and emotions and find the freedom that is right there inside of you with some practice. I want you to be your greatest teacher/coach. You can help yourself in any situation. You can be angry one minute and then just get curious. Within just a few minutes you can be laughing, at yourself or the situation. You can practice on your own or you can get join the Relaxed and Productive class that we are having very soon.

Once you get comfortable digging for diamonds it becomes a game. A playful game that helps you level up your inner voice. You don’t get so attached to your thoughts. You see a chance to dive into your thoughts as a chance to make yourself a little stronger and more joyful. It starts with developing small routines to help you process your thoughts and emotions. You can try the Rate Your Day Routine, just print out the one sheet and start today. It’s a simple two minute routine that you can do at the end of your day to help you build confidence to do work that you love.

Photo by Kathy on Unsplash