Interview with John Eades

Choosing How to Act Upon Our Emotions

In this interview with John Eades you’ll learn about great leadership. He teaches leaders how to lean into their strengths and improve their soft skill weaknesses because it helps a leader thrive and grow their culture. You’ll also learn how we can utilize our emotions and act upon them in a healthy way.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Being an authentic person and leader.
  • Show up and do what we say we can do.
  • Peeling away the armor to be a better leader.
  • Why we care about what others think.
  • We lean on caring about what we can control. Being relentlessly focused on what we can control.
  • Showing up with great empathy.
  • Why we must work on our inner voice to help us become more kind and compassionate.
  • If we are fragile inside then it’s going to rip us apart.
  • How he processed his thoughts and emotions after he stepped off the stage after he bombed in front of the audience.
  • Using the growth mindset to improve as a speaker.
  • How he views his inner voice as a connection to God.
  • How science has shown that we need to struggle to thrive in our lives.
  • The simple idea that challenges will change us.
  • The faith that he has helps him stay focused on what is important.
  • How being smaller has helped him succeed in life.
  • The power of taking notes.
  • Figuring out how to review your notes to improve how you remember and implement the ideas that come to you.
  • The importance of observation.
  • Choosing how to act upon our emotions.
  • Leaning into strength based skills.
  • Learning to improve the soft skills that are weak for us.
  • Why vision is the most underutilized leadership skill.
  • Finding your deeper purpose besides serving yourself.
  • What he is working on to become a better dad.
  • How his spiritual practice helps him stay centered.
  • What John’s most impactful book, podcast and essential tool that he uses to stay focused on what truly matters.

You can learn more about John over at LearnLoft and John Eades website. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

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