Interview with Ford Dyke

Change Your Life in 60 Days with Ford Dyke

In this interview you’ll learn about listening to your mind, body, and heart so you can reduce your stress and make better decisions. Dr. Ford Dyke teaches people about human performance optimization. One of my favorite parts of this interview is when Ford walks us through a relaxing breathing exercise.

Highlights from the interview:

  • How he sees life differently from other people.
  • Nature and nurture
  • There is a dependence between nature and nurture.
  • Why he feels like an alien at times.
  • Leaving this world a little bit better than he found it.
  • How he cultivates his energy and the frame of mind.
  • What his nighttime routine is and how it helps him prepare his mind and body for the next day.
  • How he wakes up his body in the morning.
  • The microbiome reregulates in our gut every six hours.
  • How he has built a mindfulness platform at Auburn university.
  • The difference between the brain and the mind.
  • Our minds are deciding how we perceive our lives.
  • We must work on not limiting ourselves.
  • Why we need to work on being more present with our breath.
  • Digging into how we perceive our lives.
  • Being aware of our thoughts as they come and go.
  • When you slow down and listen to your mind, body, and heart.
  • Being consistent with small breaks to charge.
  • Applying 60 for 60 during your day.
  • Understanding the patterns in our lives, so we can make better decisions.
  • Writing about how we are feeling.
  • Building awareness starts with logging how we are feeling.
  • Logging other parts of our lives, so we can understand ourselves better.
  • Most impactful book, podcast, speaker, and favorite toy as a kid

You can learn more about Ford over at his website Ford Dyke. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn and subscribe to his podcast – Preform.

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