Planting Seeds Within Ourselves

Tony Teegarden was a lot of fun to have on the Dig to Fly Podcast because we dug into difficult topics and there is a lot for you to learn as you grow. It’s important that we plant little seeds of opportunity that encourages us to dig a little deeper and try to grow parts of ourselves that feel uncomfortable.

I look forward to hearing what you think about this episode, so if you have any feedback please let me know. Now go enjoy this powerful episode.

0:33 - What Tony is grateful for.
2:20 - Has come a long way from a difficult upbringing.
2:57 - Child abuse.
3:49 - Spiritual death metal band.
5:56 - There is always enough to let loose in the world.
7:41 - What lens of which do I wish to see my world through?
7:56 - “Having the memory without the emotion,” Dr. Joe Dispenza.
8:52 - We all have our ideals.
9:11 - What identity do you see in yourself.
9:41 - Surrendering and forgiving his parents.
9:57 - Not identifying as a victim.
10:35 - Choosing the meaning of the memory.
10:50 - “Don’t hold people on a pedestal or a pit. Just hold them in your heart,” John DeMartini.
11:30 - How do you pull out the emotion and not allow it to push you around?
12:55 - Doing drugs to bury the pain.
13:23 - Self abandonment.
13:45 - Communicating with your inner child.
14:54 - Loving yourself is a practice.
15:12 - “Whatever you can’t be with won’t let you be,” Debbie Ford Shadow.
15:55 - We’ve all had trauma. Shocks to the system.
17:20 - The difference between guilt and shame.
18:01 - Finding the value.
19:15 - Choosing love.
19:34 - Easier to get someone to love me than for me to love myself.
19:52 - Living an inside out world is so much better than living an outside in world.
21:10 - Breaking through our ego.
22:45 - Awareness is the greatest agent of change.
23:58 - Planting seeds within ourselves.
24:45 - I don’t see things as good or bad.
25:35 - As a seven year old and someone shoved a gun in my mouth and my teeth were broken out. It was not my fault.
27:24 - Thoughts are the agent of change.
27:50 - The spark of realizing that I wanted to live life differently.
29:01 - Do you have an evening routine?
30:25 - Filtering out the news because it can be so toxic.
33:58 - It’s important to talk about our pain.
35:45 - The less resistance that I look for the easier it becomes to move through them.
36:20 - How to deal with someone when you trigger their anger.
38:10 - The less I try to be strong and the more I hold them in my heart I find life to be easier.
38:44 - Surrendering verses being courageous.
40:44 - Seeing how calm my mind was when I was late to a meeting was amazing.
42:05 - Becoming more aware of my emotions.
44:10 - Do my best work in the morning.
45:45 - I’m not always trying to accomplish. I’m more about experiencing.
45:59 - How do you become more aware of your thoughts and emotions?
46:25 - The importance of journaling.
47:18 - What assumptions am I making in my life?
47:39 - Busting assumptions in your marketing open up new revenue streams.
49:01 - Taking massive ownership of your life.
50:07 - Questioning your assumptions.

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