10 Feng Shui Ways To Make Office Life Better

feng-shuiEditor’s note: this is a guest post from Michael Schnippering of Feng Shui at Work.

Feng Shui helps with a variety of different problems. It can even help with problems in the business. They give many tips on how to make a business successful and stay successful.

For example, Andrew was a small business owner who complained about having lost his level of concentration. “It all started quickly after I moved into his new office,” Andrew said.  His desk was split by two different magnetic chi fields resulting in migraines. His loss of concentration was caused by Andrew not sitting in one of his supporting directions. We moved his desk according to the principles of Feng Shui, and shortly after Andrew felt relief from the negative effects which had impacted his energies before.

1. It is good to have good back support for the back in the desk chair. Lack of support creates unneeded stress on your back. This could make a person fill strained and irritable. This could make business meetings and meeting with clients very unbearable. Good back support in desk chairs prevents these problems from occurring.

2. All clutter should be cleared from office space. Clutter brings bad Feng Shui to the office. Clutter creates confusion and chaos. It also creates unneeded and unwanted stress. Everything should be filed away and organized to help make a business successful. This also helps a person remain stress free in the work environment. Being clutter free also helps a person stay on top of their products and businesses.

3. A person should set up their office the way they feel more comfortable. Each person has their own success set up. Many Feng Shui websites tell a person their ideal set up. Having the proper set up will ensure success because the person feels relaxed in their own setting. They are more confident and ready to face everything that comes their way.

4. Placing a small potted healthy plant on the desk is a very good idea. Many healthy plants have been known to absorb toxins that are in the air. Many toxins make a person sick and unable to work. There are many healthy plans that are known as money plants. These plants are believed to ward off negative situations that may come into the person’s office.

5. A person should never set their desk facing someone another person’s desk. This leads to bad Feng Shui. It could also lead to many arguments and complications. This is especially vital to people who share an office. If they want to get along better, they need to remember not to have their desks face each other.

6. It is not a good idea to use brightly lit lights in an office. The bright lights can make a person become irritable. It can also make them work very impulsive. Lights on flat ceilings are better for lighting than ones that are dimensional.

7. A person should always keep their office space and their bedroom space separated. The bedroom is a place to sleep, and mixing it up with office space can cause insomnia or the person to be increasingly sleepy while working. If a person has to set up their office in their bedroom, they should set up a divider between the desk and the bed. This keeps both separate enough to avoid causing any problems.

8. A person should hang crystals around their office. Crystals absorb negative energies in the work space. This ensures many smooth days at work. Putting crystals on the person’s desk makes this outcome more likely.

9. It is best to only use one door in a person’s office. Even if the person has more than one door, they should keep all doors but they one they want to enter closed. This is the Feng Shui method of keeping money coming in, but not leaving.

10. A person should always carry a Jade Cicada around with them, especially in their office. The Jade Cicada keeps away confrontations in the office. It is also known to be a great source of good luck in the office.

There are many other Feng Shui methods that work well in the office space. They can be found anywhere you look online. These are some of the common ones. They are proven to work very well. Feng Shui is also been proven to help more than just office and work problems as well.

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BIO: Michael Schnippering is the founder of Feng Shui at Work. After more than 12 years of practice he is committed to the true art and science of Feng Shui.

4 thoughts on “10 Feng Shui Ways To Make Office Life Better”

  1. The point about having a small plant on your desk is brilliant.

    I work at a Retreat so having a coy pond, fruit trees, and giant pines around my office really rejuvenates my spirit.

    Great points,


  2. I really enjoyed this post about Feng Shui at Work. All your points were good and I relate to the one about sharing an office and having my desk not facing my colleague’s desk. Works for us.
    We also have several plants in our office which makes it a pleasant place to work. I think I’ll try bringing in a couple of crystals and see what difference that makes.
    thanks for the ideas.

  3. The great thing about Feng Shui is that once you incorporating it into your home life, it is easy to make small changes in your office too. We started using Feng Shui many many years ago and no matter where I work I always try to instill a bit of it in the office. Some small coins in my wealth corner, situating my desk so I can see the door, reduce clutter to let energy flow freely, etc..

    It is actually quite easy to make small changes – I even light small candles occaissionally to the surprise of my office mates.


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