Working Hard Behind the Scenes – Fear, Tantrums, and Porcupines

f2f-rectangle-bannerHow much does your fear hold you back from doing work you love?

Building a business is not easy. There is crying, yelling, fighting with your arch nemesis, losing your superpowers, gaining them back again, more yelling, wanting to throw in the towel, feeling like you are on top of the world, and knowing everything that you do is worth your efforts.

I’ve been working hard behind the Work Happy Now scenes.

I want to help you with the resistance that you have in starting your own business or taking your business to the next level. Nathan Hangen and I have created an e-course that helps people do just that.

We’re calling it Fear to Fuel – Stop Resisting and Start Creating.

Too often we procrastinate on stuff that really lights our fires because we are afraid of failing at something we truly care about.

Building Interest

Right now we are building interest by releasing 1 part of 9 PDF modules as a free preview. We plan to release an audio interview by a best-selling author by mid-week, and at the end of the week we’ll make the PDF action worksheet ready for you.

Click here to sign up so you can get access to all the free content. After Friday we will be pulling the information down because we want people to buy the e-course.

What’s Inside

The e-course is filled with great stuff to help you leverage your superpowers so you can do more of the stuff you love to do.


We interviewed 14 creative experts and asked them tough questions about what they did right and wrong as they built their businesses.

The list is truly amazing. We have Tony Hsieh the CEO of Zappos, Hugh Macleod the amazing cartoonist at Gaping Void, and Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project to name a few.

Action Sheets

Each interview comes along with an action sheet that highlights the interview. After you are done listening to the MP3, you can answer some tough questions to help you break through your procrastination.

9 PDF Modules

We created 9 PDF modules that will take you step by step through your fear, teach you how to know where it’s coming from, give you strategies on how to friend your fear, and then help you learn to use your fear to fuel you into action.

Marketing Module

Finally, we created a marketing module. Nathan and I talked about what very few others do – that there is no magic formula for success. It takes a lot of hard work, connecting with the right people and showing up every day. Once people know that they can trust you, that’s when the magic happens. They will tell everyone they know that you are awesome.

Where Porcupines Come In to Play

We picked the topic of fear because it dominates so many of our decisions. Think about the last crappy job you stayed at. Why did you stay?

Because you were afraid of finding a crappier job.

Because you would lose your health insurance.

Because you were afraid of change.

All valid arguments, but so very weak at the same time. Your fear holds you back from doing work that you love.

It’s like hugging a porcupine. You think you can do it gently enough that it won’t prick you. Each time you hug that porcupine, a loose quill jabs you. You pick the porcupine up the next day hoping for better results.

You keep showing up at your job because you’re hoping that one day you will stop being pricked and start being appreciated.

Your fear is holding you back. You aren’t creating something that excites you. Then this course is for you.


I partnered with Nathan Hangen because we’ve both struggled with fear and found different ways to use that fear to fuel our businesses. We try something, fail try something else and succeed. Then repeat the things that worked.

We’ve tried so many angles that we know what works best for us. Each failure helps us gain clarity.

Right Now

We are giving away a small piece of the course for free, so we can show you how valuable the whole Fear to Fuel package is. Click here to sign up and you’ll get access to each new part that is released. The first part will be released today. The next 2 parts will be released later this week.

As always if you have any questions, just let me know and I’ll be glad to help.

* No extra links today because that’s how important Fear to Fuel is to me.

7 thoughts on “Working Hard Behind the Scenes – Fear, Tantrums, and Porcupines”

  1. Hi Karl,

    Loved the imagery of trying to hug a porcupine! It gets the “point” across very well. (Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the pun.)

    Congratulations to you and Nathan for all your hard work in planning and creating the fear to fuel course. I know it will be really valuable to so many people who are struggling in their work life and spinning their wheels because they can’t see a way forward.

    I recently went to a talk co-presented by my spiritual teacher, Jeffrey Armstrong, and another spiritual teacher Gary Bello on how to Ignite your Career. They also touched on the fear and tantrums (anger aspect) and framed it in terms of how well one’s inner fire, agni,(energy and ability to metabolize both food and experiences) is burning. A weak fire with a lot of smoke shows up as fear. Too many fires in all the wrong places and burning out of control shows up as misplaced anger (tantrums). I guess it would be no surprise to learn that we do our best when we have a career that’s closely aligned with our core values or true selves.

    Have a great week.

  2. This looks really terrific Karl and I will be back…I am sure I missed the FRIDAY preview, but then I did not check dates…

    Your commenter Sue leaves some good words too…Yep I am afraid – I go along just fine and then I hit a snag…I think I am getting better with age – !?

  3. Hi Sue, Nathan and I are excited. We hope it helps a lot of people.

    You are totally right. We need to be very aware of our emotions. When we are angry there is a lot of fear hidden within this emotion. The closer we can align our values with our career the happier we become.

  4. Hi Karl

    Wow, this program sounds packed with awesome and useful things for so many people!

    And yes, that is exciting the list of people you got to interview and have their input as experts into releasing our fears and moving into truly doing what we love.

    As for the porcupines, but they are so cute, are you sure I can’t hug them…I would still love to hug them… but I know, I know, there are some things that are better left alone, and teach us to move onto things we truly can enjoy and have the most fun with, like fuzzier animals or the career of our dreams 🙂

  5. I definitely resonated when you talked about how we tend to get in the rut of waiting to be appreciated, hoping that one day we’ll get exactly the type of appreciation we’re wanting. It’s been a challenging practice for me to let go of the notion that this appreciation is going to arrive, and instead to just let myself experience the “void” where the appreciation supposedly ought to be.

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