Why 86% of People Are Looking for a New Job This Year

how-to-be-happy-at-work86% of people who have a job right now will be looking for a better job, according to Inc magazine.

Why will you be looking for a new job this year?

Because you don’t feel appreciated, that of course makes you feel unhappy.

You aren’t appreciated because you don’t have enough leverage at work. You haven’t been able to carve out a niche – a place in your company where you are the “go to” person to solve certain problems. This could be because your core values and your company’s core values aren’t in sync. This happens and figuring out how to realign your needs with your company’s will help level up your career.

Becoming a “go to” person at your company isn’t easy, but when this happens you feel needed, appreciated and useful.

That’s what a great career gives you.

Understanding Your Situation

You might not be able to do this at your present company because your values and your company’s values are very different, that’s fine, but that means you have to go someplace else.

This is where the dilemma comes in. You created a B+ mindset. You do good work, but not great work.

Now you want A+ money and A+ type respect. A great career doesn’t work this way.

The best way to develop a great career is to start working with your mindset. When you create the right mindset you are more motivated, make better decisions and engage with your work.

Here are three ways you can turn your mind into a friend that helps your career instead of hurts it.

1.     Watch Your Emotional Patterns

Understand where your motivation wanes when working on a certain type of project. Do you get excited at the beginning of a project, but have trouble finishing it?

If this happens to you, you can work through this or find someone to help you to the finish line. I suggest the latter. Too often we think we have to do everything on our own. You can lean on co-workers to help you finish a project. The key is to make sure you are giving back to them just a little more than they give to you.

2.     Take Five Minutes for Active Relaxation

Many times you may just be going strong and you hit a wall. You can only take a sprint for so long before you get overloaded. It’s why all great marathoners are slow starters. They know their objectives, body and mind, to get the optimal performance out of themselves.

When you see the signs that you are going too hard for too long take five minutes to slow down. I think of this activity as Active Relaxation. Take some deep breaths or go for a short walk. Let your mind clear so you can recharge and do productive work.

3.     Create a Daily Plan

No matter how your day looks. You need to create a plan that energizes you and fits your goals.

That means writing a morning list of everything you want to get done. Then choose the top three projects. Focus on these projects above everything as best as you can. That may mean saying “no” to a few things other people ask of you. Utilizing the 80/20 rule is important to building a great career – 20% of your actions product 80% of your results. Know what actions these are and make sure they get done.


You need to work on your current career to find work that better fits your superpowers. Once you have a little more leverage at your current career your confidence will go up and you’ll look more attractive to your present company and other companies.

Your Turn

What do you do to ensure that you are creating a positive mindset so you are able to do great work and become the “go to” person in your department?

2 thoughts on “Why 86% of People Are Looking for a New Job This Year”

  1. I wanted to comment on a couple of your excellent points.

    First, Watching your emotional patterns is fundamental to a key component of emotional intelligence – self-awareness. I do believe emotional intelligence demonstrated by leaders is more important today in business than ever before .
    Second, not only is taking 5 minutes for relaxation to get the creative juices flowing a great idea, it can often be just what is needed when emotions are running rampant and you don’t want to make a quick response. Although it can be extremely difficult to walk away, its amazing how we see things differently when we give ourselves some time.

  2. Karl Staib - The Work Happy Guy

    Hi Bill, Giving ourselves time to process and find a positive perspective can make the difference between leveling up a career or flat-lining.

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