What is the Underlying Theme in Most Careers?

f2f-rectangle-bannerAre you happy with your career?

Most people are unhappy with their careers. The research proves that people need to find work that makes them happy.

You can’t rely on anyone else to make you happy.

The question is, “Why don’t the unhappy people find more satisfying work?”

I believe it’s fear.

I know it’s fear.

One more time from the mountain tops – Fear!

Most people would rather complain about their current crappy job instead of finding work that will make them happier. Your career alone isn’t going to be the magic happy pill. Your career is just a part of the whole system.

You may be unhappy in your current position and finding a new job will make you happy for a few months until you fall back into the same old habits. You usually fall back into these old habits because you are afraid of something – either the work, the people, or yourself.

The only way you are going to break these habits is by finding the core of the problem.

You have to walk up to your fear and have an honest conversation.

I like to call my fear my arch nemesis. It’s that little voice inside my head that says I’m not good enough. I actually gave him a name: Dr. Oatzel. By giving that voice a name, it became more tangible, as if I could go up to him and say, “Why do you want to wreck my happiness?”

Defining Your Career

Your career is dependent on how you embrace change. Within change is a big fat fear sausage. This fear, if you let it, will dictate your actions. If you keep taking the safe route you’ll end up with indigestion that never goes away.

Believe me, I’ve been there.

I’ve stayed at safe jobs to keep adding to my 401k, but I felt miserable the whole time. I was stressed out and hating my life.

It wasn’t until I created goals to help me launch my own business that I began to lead from my heart instead of my fear.

Career Bliss

The career that you are developing right now is either setting you up for happiness or sadness. If you are doing work you hate, you are creating a crappy existence. When you do work that engages your heart and mind you don’t worry about what you are possibly doing wrong. You focus on what you are doing right.

You must create a career that’s going to excite you to your core.

If you are just going through the motions, you are living to exist instead of thrive. I hate to see this. I want to see everyone using their superpowers so they can do great work

Fear to Fuel

Nathan Hangen and I created a product called Fear to Fuel – Stop Resisting and Start Creating. It was designed to help two different types of people.

Who this e-course is for

1. People who want to start a small business, but don’t know how to overcome the fear.

2. Small business owners who want to overcome their fear, so they can get unstuck and take their business to the next level.

Nathan and I are both familiar with procrastination that can exist in both of these situations. We’ve worked hard to engage these emotions and use them to our advantage. We know you can do the same thing.

This course is for the creative types. It’s for the people who want to share their writing with the world and actually make some money from it. It’s also for those artists who don’t think that they can make a living from their art. And lastly for people who procrastinate on doing work they love because it’s easier to do work they aren’t passionate about.

This course isn’t for everyone. We know that.

Who this e-course isn’t for:

If you are happy working for someone else then this e-course isn’t for you. Not everyone wants to go through the hassle of developing a business. Don’t worry, I’m creating an e-course for you too. You just have to be patient.

Your Fear

The fear that drives your procrastination is holding you back. If you are tired of letting your arch nemesis control your life, then the Fear to Fuel course is something you should seriously consider.

100% Guarantee

If you don’t love the course we offer a 100% money back guarantee. It’s a win-win. We do ask that you pass the information on to a friend who might be a better fit for the course.

Tired of Being Modest

I know I don’t usually promote my products on this blog. I was afraid of being too pushy. The thing is that I’m so proud of this product that I want everyone to know about it, so I’m not afraid to shout its praises on my blog.

Your Help

Do you someone that hates their job and she needs to take her career in a new direction?

You can be of great help. Let your friend know about this awesome product. You can email them, post on twitter or Facebook, or drag them away from the TV and show them how they could use such an e-course.

Why It’s So Good

Fear to Fuel has over 10 hours of audio, 9 PDF modules, 14 action sheets to go along with each interview and a marketing module. It’s a complete system that will help you launch or build a stronger business.

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