What Elephants Have in Common with Gratitude

elephant-waterDid you know that elephants travel the same long journey every year?

They do. They do it because they know when the fruit will falls from the trees, so they can eat them when they are perfectly fermented and able to get a little tipsy. I forget the name of the kind of African elephant that does this, but believe me it’s true.

They only do this once a year because they have the discipline to appreciate the moment then move on.

Getting Unstuck

So many of us get stuck back in our habits and forget the power of gratitude. We forget that every moment there is a chance to appreciate where we are, what we are doing, and who we are with.

No career is perfect. No life is perfect. I’m prime example of that after discovering I have testicular cancer. I refuse to capitalize cancer because it doesn’t deserve it.

Every day there is a chance for me to see the “lousy” that is in my life, but I refuse to do this. I practice being the captain of my attitude.

Riding a Elephant

Your attitude can be like an unruly elephant, tossing you 10 feet in the air. It’s up to you to get back on, grab those reigns, and ride that beautiful beast until it gives in.

You have to practice gratitude at every chance you can remember.

> When you are stuck on an airplane that won’t take off due to weather.

> When the baby next to you is screaming its little red face off.

> When your Uncle is telling the worst Thanksgiving joke ever.

> When your back won’t stop aching.

> During the night when you can’t fall asleep and you have a huge day ahead of you.

> After your boss yells at you for messing up an account.

> When a client won’t call you back and you have no idea what you did wrong.

You have to practice when it’s the hardest because the more you practice the easier it gets. When you appreciate the moment you are making it easier to improve your situation.

No situation is perfect, but there is beauty always hidden within it if you try to find it.

When you are feelings down and there are hidden things to be grateful for. Remember that the elephant moves on and so should you. Focus back on those things that you enjoy.

Just like the elephant travels it’s journey so do you. Know that with every season is a new chance to improve your attitude and make it easier to be happier in your career and personal life.

The Takeaway

The best way to improve your attitude is to make gratitude a daily habit. At the end of each day think of all the great people, actions, and feelings you’ve had. It’s there somewhere. I promise.

Your Turn

I would love if you had 1 minute to share what you are grateful for today in the comment section. Remember it can be anything. We aren’t here to judge, just support.

Happy Thanksgiving!

* Need a boost to your work happiness? Then check out the Happy at Work Project and start one yourself.

* An amazing post on Gratitude over at Jeff Walker’s blog – The discipline of gratitude. Quality stuff. It encouraged me to post this piece.

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17 thoughts on “What Elephants Have in Common with Gratitude”

  1. I’m grateful today for…a boss who cut me a lot of slack when times got hard, the support I’m getting from a counsellor who helps me work things out, for having a sense of purpose that gets me out of bed, for the salary I get every month that gives me shelter, food and fun money, for the few good friends I have, and for the really great bowl of soup I just had 🙂 Oh and for this blog today for reminding me of the good things going on!

  2. i am grateful for the realisations i’ve experienced regarding my social life today and why it hasn’t been “quite right” after a terrible breakup with an ex girlfriend.

    Thanks for the post, this is what i look forward to in my email inbox in the morning

  3. Hi Karl,

    What a great post. I’ve heard about this particular fruit tree in Africa that makes not just elephants but all the animals a bit tipsy.

    What am I grateful for today?

    Not having to commute to work in the snow and slush
    Having a warm roof over my head and food to eat
    Caring and supportive family and friends
    Access to the technology that allows me to talk to friends anywhere and research all kinds of interesting topics
    Good health and a good health care system here in Canada.

    Hope you’ve had a wonderful thanksgiving today.

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  5. Thanks for this post Karl,
    Today I am grateful for many things, infact i have just read through my daily gratitude mantra, as I do every day before i dare open my emails. It helps.
    I now have a list of 24 very personal things to be grateful for, I keep adding or altering them as i see fit.
    This week though I have to be grateful most to my boyfriend for finding us a new home, as our landlord gave us notice on monday evening, after renting from him for 3 and a half years. I also have to be grateful being given the push to move on with my life to better things hopefully.
    Thanks again for this post, its been really helpful.
    Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays too !

  6. Hi Karl,
    Gratitude fills my heart daily..
    Today I am grateful for my precious children and their amazing Spirits..friends who love, support, encourage me…a friend that called and played guitar over the phone to say Happy Thanksgiving..that my talents in the kitchen are appreciated by many…for a beautiful moon and a clear night sky..that I can look back on this day and say Thank you to the Universe for all of the magic within it…

  7. the click of the toe nails of my furry companions as they follow me around the house, making light of my work and encouraging me to take them for a walk so we can enjoy the melting snow and clear our heads!

  8. I often find that when I am mired down in the muck of whatever is going on in my life at the time, that a dose of gratitude always makes things better. 🙂 The key for me is to recognize when I am stuck and quickly do something about it.

    BTW.I loved your picture of the elephant. Elephants hold a special place in my heart.

  9. Tom Volkar / Delightful Work

    Yes! gratitude is a causative energy that brings about more of what we want. You are wise to see this my friend.
    “No situation is perfect, but there is beauty always hidden within it if you try to find it.” Well said.

  10. I’m grateful I was able to spend Thanksgiving with my mother, sistes, aunt and cousin this year. Getting everyone under one roof and in good health is much more important to all the shopping alerts we’re bombarded with.

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