What are YOU Grateful for this Past Week?

What I’m grateful for:

1.      I have a job.
2.      I’ve got great plans for Work Happy Now. Plan that will knock your socks right off your feet.
3.      The weather is Austin has been glorious.
4.      I’m learning to enjoy the pain. Just relaxing with it, watching it then letting it go.
5.      Just finished having a great conversation with my wife.
6.      My wife’s belly has popped. YES! We are having a baby. Only the 13th week, but still very exciting.
7.      I bought a videocam and saw and talked to my parents (they live in PA). I miss them a lot.
8.      I’ve done Yoga every morning this week.

9.      I contacted a company about helping them with work happiness. I made the leap and they were excited. I’m officially a salesman now. I have to brush up on my skills and reread “The Ultimate Sales Machine.”
10.   Being able to walk the dog to let off stress. Nothing to do but enjoy the fresh air and my dog’s enthusiasm for fetching a tennis ball.
11.   I slept like a rock last night.
12.   Tomorrow’s shower is going to be amazing.
13.   Yerba Mata. Better than tea this week.
14.   My friends who listen to me vent and help me figure out solutions to my problems.
15.   My parents for being so supportive of Work Happy Now.
16.   Strawberry Sorbet.
17.   My brother and the possibility he might visit.
18.   My in-laws for being so cool. They are so easy to hang out with, no weird pressure or hidden agendas.
19.   Dance-Dance revolution for the Wii.
20.   Laughing at the Sunday comics.
21.   Sharing work war stories with co-workers.
22.   Knowing no one is perfect, not even me.
23.   Using a pencil instead of a pen to write a poem.
24.   Twitter and all the amazing people that I’ve connected with.


25.   What’s number 25?

What are you grateful for this week? At work? Or at home? Or both?

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17 thoughts on “What are YOU Grateful for this Past Week?”

  1. Hi Karl, congratulation on your baby. 🙂 Your first baby?

    I am grateful for :
    25. I could drink a cup of coffee anymore after a long time (I had a gastric problem)
    26. Interact with positive people like you.
    27. Watching my daughter who have been learning to walk (her age is 14 weeks)

    Thanks for sharing, Karl.

  2. Great post and congrats on the new sales lead!

    I’m grateful that I’ve got more motivation and passion than I know what to do with. I’ve got the best wife and kids in the world, and I’ll be coming home soon.

  3. Congratulations on the baby, the new job opp and all the rest!

    And I’m so jealous you have dance revolution for the wii. That is next for me – we have been enjoying Guitar Hero since my husband got it for his b-day last week.

    This week I’m grateful for time spent with my husband, the email I received the other day that could potentially open a lot of doors for me, and the new radio show I’ll be hosting locally starting in February. It was a fantastic week!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Thanks, Karl. I’m thankful for my wonderful family and Baby Peanut. Can’t wait to be Grammy Lu Lu. I’m thankful we bought you Dance Revolution for Christmas. Fooled you, didn’t I? I’m also thankful my children married and are marrying great people. I’m thankful change is happening in America.

  5. Hi Arswino, Yes, my first baby. I’m looking forward to my baby’s first steps. Make sure you take lots of pictures.

    Hi Stacy, Let me know if a topic on the radio show fits in with Work Happiness and I can give it a plug on this site.

    Hi Linda, I’m really happy to be a part of the family.

    Hi Nathan, motivation and passion will take you to great places.

  6. LifeMadeGreat | Juliet

    Hi Karl

    Congratulations on the baby!

    Um, this week, top three:
    My relationship
    My freedom


  7. Hi Karl,
    Very awesome – a big big congratulations to you and your wife on the upcoming baby!!!

    …and everything else (although I think this news of a new life coming is biggest and best thing on your list!).

    I’m grateful this week for really having the opportunity to open up and share some very meaningful conversation with a fellow blogger. It’s been an amazing week indeed!

    Have a great weekend, my friend! (and take good care of your wife…)

  8. Hi Karl: Congratulations to you and your wife! So now you have about 6 months to prepare to be a father, wow.

    I’m grateful in advance for a couple of great things that I have lined up for next week 🙂

  9. Tom Volkar / Delightful Work

    Lance, yes congrats on the baby and on taking that big step forward in your business. I’m grateful for blogging and the beautiful platform it is for authentic expression. I’m also grateful for ideas that come pure, sweet and unconditioned!

  10. I’m grateful for my ability to self acknowledge my progress towards my goals. I love your list. Every Friday I encourage everyone over on my blog to share what they are grateful for each week. Celebrating all that we have is very powerful for the soul.

  11. Hi Karl, congrats!!

    I’m in total gratitude that:

    -I got my new blog up and running last week, woo hoo!
    -I have a warm home to come home to
    -I keep making such wonderful connections through the awesomeness that is social media 🙂

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