Dig to Fly podcast with Jim Afremow

The Risk of Playing Small with Jim Afremow

Jim Afremow is a sports psychologist and author of Champion’s Mind who has worked with professional athletes at every level. In this interview you’ll learn how to get back up when you get knocked down.

Here are the highlights of this interview:

  • How to create positive self-talk to help you become more resilient.
  • Why we talk ourselves out of taking action.
  • Understanding when to take action.
  • Why a nighttime routine is so important.
  • Setting the stage for the next day.
  • Learn the skill of worry postponement.
  • The importance of being present with our work.
  • Reaching a flow state with our work.
  • Connecting with a source bigger than us.
  • Group flow helps everyone on your team deliver great results.
  • Being open to feedback is crucial to growing your career.
  • Visualization is an underutilized tool.
  • Self talk improves your self leadership.
  • How to embrace our obstacles.
  • How meditation can help you get out of your own head.
  • We take about 20,000 to 30,000 breaths per day.
  • Creating mantras that help us accomplish our goals.
  • How we can use celebration to help us become more successful.
  • Creating your self talk that supports you.
  • The narratives that we create for ourselves determine our lives.
  • If you are not growing you won’t be happy.
  • If you are not getting better you are getting worse.
  • The risk of playing small.
  • Look at people you compare yourself to as inspiration.
  • Compare yourself against who you were and look at how far you’ve come.
  • How you can change your negative thoughts to help support you.
  • Book – 2001 Space Odyssey. (Amazon Link)
  • Podcast – Lex Fridman.
  • Influential person in Jim’s life – The story about Natalie Cook.
  • Start the I know list.

You can learn more about Jim Afremow over at his website. You can also find out more about him over on Twitter at GoldMedalMind. Also check out his books Champion’s Mind (Amazon) and The Young Champion’s Mind (Amazon).

And as always if you have any questions or want to submit a guest for the podcast that you think would be amazing just reach out on Dig to Fly and I’ll do my best to get them on.

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