The Low Hum of Anxiety with Brett Kelly

Brett Kelly is a fascinating man who wrote Evernote Essentials (Productivity book for the Evernote App) and built a success development agency. He has found many unique ways of building his career and business. I really enjoyed how he talked about how he is not at his end goal. If something better comes along he wouldn’t be afraid to pivot in a new direction.

I love how honest Brett is throughout this interview. Too often experts try to be things they are not. Brett explains how being broke and not being able to buy groceries for his kids has affected how he looks at life and his business.

You will learn a lot about what you can do to reduce your low hum of anxiety and find habits that will help you stay productive and sane in your career.

Highlights from the interview:

  • How to measure the benefit of a new project and how to determine if it’s worth the time to pursue.
  • Why we shouldn’t over value happiness.
  • Triggers that help him slow down and take care of yourself.
  • The hard part of working from home all the time.
  • Dealing with burnout.
  • Low hum of anxiety and how to deal with it.
  • The usefulness of stress.
  • How to build confidence with a night time routine.

You can learn more about Brett Kelly over at his website Your Robot Army. You can also find out more about Brett and his company over on LinkedIn

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