Take Back Control of Your Business – Series

Over the past two and a half years I’ve learned a ton about developing a business.

I’ve learned how to:

> Network the “right way”

> Write in a way that attracts my desired audience

> Create happiness systems that maximize my productivity

Over the next few posts, I want to share a few of these things that I’ve learned.

The most important part of developing my business has been working with my emotional core. Too often we discount the importance of having a foundation built on happiness. A person can do great work if they bully themselves into producing results, but this is impossible to sustain.

Starting tomorrow I’m going to explore how I’ve created a small business that has allowed me to maximize my happiness. It’s a 3 part series, so stay tuned for all three installments.

1. Retrain Your Brain

2. Chunk Your Way to Success

3. Keep a One Sentence Journal

A small business owner who only worries about money and neglects happiness is missing the point of being an entrepreneur. We need to develop a core that allows us to always come back to our emotional center. It’s important to connect with our work in a balanced way.

Most entrepreneurs strive to find that sweet spot. They want to be productive, but not stressed. They want to be creative, but not pressed for ideas. Many entrepreneurs are happy, but they are still not satisfied.

It all starts at the core, and this is where our superpowers lie.

Over the next 3 posts we are going to discuss how you can take back control of your business. These concepts can also be applied to a career, so don’t be afraid to dive in if you work for a corporation.

I will also provide PDFs of these posts so you can print them out and work through the exercises that are provided.

Remember, part of your success is measured by how much fun you have in the process.

* Join the Work Happy Now Facebook Page and interact with other people who are trying to improve their superpowers. (Needs a little work, but still has good stuff.)

* Daniel over at Daily Blog Tips wrote a cool post about helping people create a website for their passions. It’s a must read if your ready to share your superpowers with the world.

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  2. Karl,
    What jumps out here is the money vs. happiness question. While there is some validity to the money thoughts, there is also so much more to this – that idea of really connecting with what you’re doing (the “happiness” piece) and believing in what you are putting out there.

    Sounds like a great series you have coming up!!

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