Small Steps Every Single Day

This site is a passion project that I love so much. I’ve helped thousands of people work happier and eventually I want to offer books, courses, etc., but not yet. I’ve tried a few things, but right now I’m offering speaking and workshops, not products.

People need to know how important it is that they use their superpowers in their career and I feel lucky to have this conversation with people on a daily basis.

Right now most of my time goes to delivering great content and working on Domino Connection (customer connection company). Domino Connection brings in 95% of my revenue, so I try to spend at least 90% helping out clients there.

I still write about happiness there, but through a marketing lens. Like this post about the ROI of Delivering Smiles.

With that being said I still take small steps every single day to improve Work Happy Now, from publishing content to posting on WHN Facebook wall.

Ok, so this leads to I’m updating the website, so it’s easier to navigate and easier on the eyes.

I would really like your feedback.
What do you think of this new logo my designer and I have been working?

We are planning on making this change either today or tomorrow. So very soon.

Do you like the colors?

What could be improved?

Please let me know in the comments section below.

4 thoughts on “Small Steps Every Single Day”

  1. The logo looks great. Have you tried using slightly brighter colors? Personally, I’m not sure the logo will make a big difference. In my opinion, the reason most of your readers keep coming back is the content quality and the emotional connection you create through your posts. Keep up the good work!

  2. Karl Staib - The Work Happy Guy

    Hi Career Bliss! Thank you. I try to keep creating great content and hopefully it was helped people improve their careers.

  3. Karl,

    I do like the logo. I think the orange color needs to be brighter. Orange is such a great color for energy and happiness (that’s why we all love orange juice so much.) 😀

    The darker red with the grey works very well so I wouldn’t change that. Just if the orange could be a bit brighter I think that would punch it up just a little higher.

    I agree with CareerBliss. I don’t read your posts because of your website / logo / colors. I read because of your posts. You tell real life stories that resonate from your heart.

    Keep it up!

  4. Hey Karl, the logo is impressive and conveying it’s message clearly. As Bliss mentioned, it’s more about you and your thoughts than the logo. Surely you gonna rock here from now. 🙂

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