Gayle Lantz Interview

Reframing Failures with Gayle Lantz

Gayle Lantz is an entrepreneur that started the company Work Matters. In this interview you’ll learn about how she left a great job and became an entrepreneur. She focused on reframing failures, so she grew from the new things that she tried instead of shrinking from them. She also shares how she struggled with burnout and how it lead to an amazing career change.

Highlights from the interview:

  • What Gayle was like as a nine-year-old and how it helped form her identity.
  • When she realized that she needed to make a change in her career.
  • What she did to research her next career change.
  • Digging into understanding what you really want.
  • How she figured out how to develop a business that fit her personality.
  • Going through burnout and what she did to overcome it.
  • How she recharges her internal battery.
  • How she has learned to reframe failures so she learns from the situation instead of ignore it.
  • Doing purposeful work and why it’s so important.
  • How she navigates her weakness of staying organized.
  • Why we need to accentuate our strengths instead of improving our weaknesses.
  • How she utilizes her strength of helping people see things differently.
  • Building awareness to understand where to get support.
  • Developing confidence to grow her career.
  • Viewing a projects as an experiments
  • Surrounding yourself with other people who can help you make good decisions.
  • Removing the negative noise that holds you back.
  • Gayle’s favorite book, podcast, speaker, toy as a kid and essential tool that she uses to focus on her essential work.

You can learn more about Gayle over at her website Work Matters. You can also connect with over at LinkedIn to learn more about her.

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