Refine Your Systems with Jenny Blake

Jenny Blake is an entrepreneur, speaker and author. She teaches people to build businesses that help them live a full life instead of a busy one. In this interview you’ll learn how refines her systems, so she is creating space to do the things that she loves.

Highlights from the interview:

  • What she was like as a nine-year-old.
  • Creating the time to take care of herself.
  • Why she wants to be slow to respond to emails.
  • Her evening routine she uses to recharge herself.
  • How the pandemic disrupted her business and what she did to boost her income.
  • Going through challenges herself and how she creates order from the chaos.
  • Her process for building businesses.
  • Having triggers that help you listen to what is going on in your life and slowing down.
  • Taking responsibility for her emotions, so we can learn from them.
  • How she deals with burnout.
  • She sees burnout as inevitable and how she views it in her career.
  • What movie character is she most like and why she identifies with this character.
  • We talk about her love of systems and automation.
  • What is her greatest weakness and how she navigates it.
  • Designing systems to work less.
  • How she looks at the idea of failure.
  • How she dealt with an email issue from an important reporter who wanted to do a story on her and her new book coming out.
  • The excitement she feels around designing systems.
  • The constant steady refinement she uses to improve her businesses.
  • She describes the importance of getting an outside perspective on her ideas.
  • Creating a regular reflection process to help grow your career.
  • The cool part of Jenny’s brain and how she tackles problem.
  • The ultimate test of your systems.
  • Why overrefinning ideas can hurt your progress.
  • How she connects with her authentic self.
  • Jenny’s favorite book, speaker, and work tool.

You can learn about Jenny over at her site It’s Free Time. You can also get the Free Time book on Amazon. Check her out on LinkedIn and Twitter as well.

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