Charmaine Fuller Interview

Making Time to Celebrate with Charmaine Fuller

Charmaine Fuller is a life strategist for special needs moms. In this interview you’ll learn how you can apply self care routines into your life and business to help you recharge your internal battery.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Why she got made of for being too happy as a kid.
  • She has three special needs kids.
  • Why she wants to help other moms who have special needs kids.
  • Why she hired help so she could focus on the important things.
  • How she was able to help her son when he had a seizure.
  • How she got out of the “why me” thought pattern.
  • Why getting made at her kids wasn’t helping with her relationship with her children.
  • Understanding the stories she tells herself and how she deals with them.
  • Her team of people that help her deal with her daily struggles/issues.
  • How to use gratitude to ground you.
  • What she does when she starts to feel overwhelmed.
  • How she shows herself self love.
  • What victory journaling is and how to use it.
  • Making time to celebrate will help you build resilience.
  • You are going to fail, it’s the nature of life.
  • Understanding that nothing happens as you plan it.
  • Give yourself permission to fail in flow.
  • How she is shifting to meet the needs for her new clients.
  • She is an introvert and then how she shifts into an introvert depending on who she is with.
  • What she is like at networking events.
  • How she peels away her inner armor to be more authentic in her business.
  • Why she likes to float tanks to help her get in touch with herself.
  • Digging into her self worth.
  • Why she asked herself what she really likes in her thirties.
  • Understanding the stories that we believe because it was passed down to our parents.
  • Favorite book, podcast, speaker, and tool she uses to stay focused on important work.

You can learn about Charmiane over The Charmed Life. You can also check out her Facebook page too.

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