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Personal Development for Smart PeopleSteve Pavlina was the first blogger that I began seriously reading. He was recommended to me by the reverend who performed my wedding. I’ve been reading Steve’s personal development blog for over two years. His depth and unique framing has helped improve my life in many ways.


He has taught me:


  • The value of being completely honest with myself

  • How to dig a little deeper into my thought processes

  • The power of my feelings

  • Visualization techniques that I use on a weekly basis

  • Confidence to do what I love


This post is a favor to Steve. We’ve had brief contact through email and he’s always been very gracious in his responses. He has a book coming out in October, Personal Development for Smart People: The Conscious Pursuit of Personal. Steve deserves free exposure. Plus I know the book will be good. Almost all of his posts give me some new insight that has helped me improve my life. I’m looking forward to reading a whole book on his views. In his blog he describes the book’s three main principles.


  • Truth

  • Love

  • Power


From Steve’s post about pre-ordering his book, I can tell that he will knock our boots off with some amazing perspectives.


What does personal development have to do with working happy? I believe that work is based on a 50/50 system. 50% of our work happiness comes from within and the other 50% comes from outside influences. If we can maximize our personal happiness then we can at least be happy 50% of the time. When you can become secure within yourself it will start to affect other parts of your life. People will gravitate toward you and you’ll attract positive results. That’s a recipe for maximizing your career happiness.


If you want to pre-order his book due out on October 15, 2008 then click on one of these links to or If you’re not sure then check out his website and check out his brilliant perspectives for yourself.


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  1. I will put this book on my wish list. i’M A Little backed up with my reading, but i’ll get to it. thanks for sharing.

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