Jonathan Fields Interview

Our Core Impulses with Jonathan Fields

Jonathan Fields is an entrepreneur and author of many great books. His latest book Spark is out and he talks about why he created the book. You’ll find out how Jonathan has used his impulses to get a deeper understanding of himself and turned it into a tool to help others.

Highlights from the interview:

  • The bargains we make with ourselves can hold us back from doing meaningful work.
  • Finding the things that give you energy instead of draining you.
  • The 10 fundamental impulses for effort/work.
  • Set up tendencies and behaviors around our impulses.
  • Finding the release valve inside of his own brain through his project.
  • Asking other people for help, so he could lean on their strengths.
  • How his introvertedness has led him down his career path.
  • His “maker” impulse and how it has dedicated his decisions.
  • How he replenishes his energy as an introvert.
  • Navigating our lives during and after the pandemic.
  • Building your awareness to be more grounded.
  • Dealing with Tinnitus (Ringing in ears) that brought him to his knees.
  • What mediation helps you with in your life.
  • I share my meditation practice.
  • How he dealt with a recent failure.
  • How he cultivates his curiosity and how it’s shifted his perspective.
  • His experiment with his podcast.
  • How he doesn’t regret missing out on the explosion of video.
  • Hindsight is a terrible way of viewing your past choices.
  • How short our lives are and how vast and grand the world is.
  • Reassembling our view of the world.
  • Reimagining the impact that we want to make on other people’s lives.
  • Being present in people’s lives.
  • Favorite book – The Old Man and the Sea by Hemmingway. (Amazon Link)
  • Favorite Podcast – The Rich Roll podcast. (Apple Podcast Link)
  • Favorite Speaker – Mel Robbins.

You can learn about Jonathan over at his website Sparketype. You can take the assessment and find out your fundamental impulse and how your wiring dictates many of your actions.

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