Dig to Fly with Jeff Brown

Doing the Hard Things Despite Our Fear with Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown is the creator of the Read to Lead podcast and now it’s a book too. In this interview you’ll learn so many powerful lessons. My favorite might be about halfway through the interview. He talks about how he keeps moving forward when he gets knocked down.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Why Jeff struggled in school.
  • What he wished he could do differently in his 20’s.
  • How the book Purple Cow changed how he looked at life.
  • How reading and talking with other people about what he was reading helped him grow faster.
  • Standing out in his career at a radio station.
  • How he iterated on his ideas.
  • Why our perspective of ourselves determines our success.
  • A great note taking technique that you can use to retain what you read.
  • The concept of taking notes for your future self.
  • Why he listens to an author’s audio book while also reading the written word book at the same time.
  • The power of teaching what you learn.
  • How to get your kids to read more.
  • The current struggle of putting out a book into the world and dealing with negative reviews.
  • The failure of his first product launch.
  • Making micro adjustments to help yourself reach your goal.
  • Book – 48 Days to the work and life you love by Dan Miller
  • The powerful habit of developing positive self talk to grow your career.
  • How to stop your perfectionism.
  • Doing the hard thing despite our fear.
  • Why you shouldn’t be the smartest person in the room.
  • The mistake he made as a young leader.
  • Building rapport with people that you interview.
  • Favorite book – Tiny Habits by BJ Fogg
  • Favorite podcast – Akimbo from Seth Godin
  • Favorite speaker – Michael Hyatt
  • His method of getting things done.

You can learn about Jeff over at his website Read to Lead book. You can get the first chapter to try before you buy. Read to Lead Podcast. You can also learn more about him on LinkedIn

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