The One Thing You Should do Before You Start Your Workday

happy-at-work-smileThink about how you start your workday?

Do you start with a cup of coffee while reading email?

Do you start by talking with a few of your co-workers?

These are not bad ways to start your day. They just don’t always set the right tone for your workday.

Most athletes have a pre-game ritual that they do before each game/competition. They do this because they want to set their mood before they compete.

Michael Phelps listens to music right up to his race. Michael Jordan started the chalk toss before each game. He also wore his college shorts underneath his pro uniform. Serena Williams will bounce a ball 5 times before her first serve and 2 times before her second serve.

All these little rituals help keep them focused on the moment.

Many of you probably don’t try creating a ritual for yourself because it might seem silly or you don’t have the time.

I suggest making the time because…

You Need to Set Your Mood

The simple concept of setting your mood before you begin your work is a time honored tradition.

I like to meditate for 5 minutes before I start my workday. I do this because I want to let go of any limiting thoughts and focus on my work.

Look at how you start your workday. How much time is wasted trying to get your engine going so you can dig into your work?

If it takes you an hour to get started on your work that’s an extra hour that might stress you out trying to get the important tasks done for the day ends.

Look at what little ritual you could add to your workday to set your mood and put you in the right frame of mind to accomplish great work.

Your Turn

Do you already have a ritual that helps you set a positive mood for the day? (please share with us in the comments section.)

* If you ever feel like your team needs to do a better job of setting it’s mindset to create great work just let me know. I love doing workshops for small businesses.

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