Need an Edge Up on Your Career – Part 2

frances-and-book-300x226Yesterday’s book review of “The Wow Factor” (Amazon link) was fun, but now you get to hear 22 minutes of how Frances came up with her ideas and how to apply them to your life. I’m not bragging or anything, but it’s pretty good. My skills as an interviewer are growing by leaps and bounds.

I’m leaping and bounding my way into your working heart. I hope.

Here is the interview:


(Right click the image to download the audio. You can also click on the image to play the Quicktime format.)

Need a boost to your work happiness? Then check out Happy at Work Project and start one yourself.


We can’t let anyone dictate our happiness. Alex of Someday Syndrome wrote a cool post about this concept called “Controlling control issues: The lab rats look at who’s in charge.” Check it out.

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