My Wish For You


I try to send out a daily wish/prayer to the universe for you. I wanted to share it all with you today.


My wish for


of you

is that you

find that one thing that you are so passionate about

that when you wake up

on Monday morning

your blood is singing with glee.


If you’ve already found that lovely thing

that you love to do


my wish is for you

to succeed so intensely

that you still can’t believe that you are so lucky.



 We just need to be able to strip away the layers of confusion, so we can clarify what our dreams really are. Tom Volker wrote an excellent post called Clarity Empowers Progress. Check it out and see if you can strip away some of those confusing layers.

 My regular thought provoking articles will resume tomorrow.


Articles that help you gain clarity on your work happiness:


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5 thoughts on “My Wish For You”

  1. What a wonderful wish for all Karl – thank you! And, may your life be filled with the same, as well!

    Lance’s last blog post..Sunday Thought For The Day

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