Mind Training Matters

I found an excellent talk from the website TED. Matthieu Ricard is a monk who emphasizes the importance of developing emotional intelligence. He presents the idea that we can train the mind so it handles situations in the way that we want to. Some of these monks have such intense control that when a bomb goes off they are able to process their thoughts so quickly that they don’t react.

We can also train our minds to do a better job of dealing with frustration, low motivation, and other emotional barriers.

I’ve been working on “no complaining” over the past month and I feel I’ve made great strides in improving my mind. I’m light years away from these mental juggernauts of the Tibetan culture, but every little bit counts. I feel more stable and happier than last month. It may be all in my mind, but that’s okay, at least I feel happier and more productive.

Give it a look, it’s only 21 minutes long.



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Image courtesy of wonderlane