Master Your Career Superpowers

happier at work

You never have to worry about your career if you are using your superpowers.

You create more negotiating leverage when you are doing great work. It’s hard to deny a raise to someone who find creative solutions to problems. It’s hard to deny a promotion to someone who’s excitement is contagious. It’s easy to find help when you are so helpful.

When you are happier you get more done.

The key is to unlock those superpowers, so you can get more leverage in your career.

I had a conversation with a client about her superpowers. She had a little trouble wrapping her mind around the idea of having superpowers.

We chatted about what it means to have superpowers. I asked her if Warren Buffett had superpowers. She agreed. He was able to find gaps in the market that other people didn’t see to earn a lot of money. Now he is using his money to help people in need.

Then she said, “Ahhh. I really do see. It’s how I help people.”


That’s it. We are all here, on this earth, to help each other. Whether we make people laugh when they need it the most or help them file their taxes so they don’t get audited. This is what makes up our superpowers.

This breakthrough for her opened up the whole idea of superpowers for her.

That’s why I became a Superpower Coach (fun way to say career coach). I wanted to help people become happier and do great work.

Am I a perfect coach?

Nope, but I get great results and I love what I do.

Have you ever hired a coach before?

I’m curious… most people I meet have not. I’m curious to why. All great athletes and even some average ones hire coaches to get better. They’ll hire a tennis coach to improve their serve or a golf coach to improve their swing, but not a career coach. It’s interesting, don’t you think?

A career coach can help you make more money, feel happier, and do better work.

Do you think it’s easier to measure physical improvements vs mental improvements?

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2 thoughts on “Master Your Career Superpowers”

  1. There are numerous articles that recommend having a sponsor or suggest having a mentor, but hiring a coach doesn’t seem to have the same amount of attention right now. Maybe if people had a clearer understanding of the results, they would look into coaching–what do you think?

  2. Karl Staib - WHN Author and Speaker

    Hi Allison! You are right. Many people don’t understand the value of a good coach. Just like a good therapist. They can make all the difference in your life.

    You go to a therapist when you are struggling and need help to get back to level. A good coach takes you from one level to the next.

    I know I’m grateful for the coaches in my life, who have helped guide me to a happier and more successful position in life.

    Have you ever hired a coach Allison?

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