Dig to Fly Interview with Amber Bracegirdle

Magical Moments with Amber Bracegirdle

In this interview you’ll learn about how Amber took advantage of her opportunities to grow a career that she loves. Amber Bracegirdle is the co-founder of Mediavine, a web sales platform. They help entrepreneurs develop prosperous companies. One of my favorite stories is when Amber talks about how her boys became best friends during the pandemic.

Highlights from the interview:

  • How San Antonio changed after just 12 years.
  • If you want to do something there is a way, it just takes time and creativity.
  • Finding ways to ask for what you need.
  • How she got into the Walt Disney college program and how it shaped her.
  • Why the program encouraged her to be more outgoing.
  • The mission of creating magical moments for your customers.
  • Trusting your people is an important part of leadership growth.
  • How Amber used the Law of Attraction to get the project she wanted in her company.
  • She gives an example of creating a magical moment for a customer.
  • Helping people earn money changes people’s lives.
  • How focusing on what works versus what other people are doing is most important to growing a business.
  • Why luck plays a big role in success.
  • Making decisions that support the most important parts of business.
  • Creating differentiation in your business because you stay true to your values.
  • Why she took a $70k paycut to join mediavine.
  • How does she encourage herself when she is struggling in life.
  • Why leaning into your routine can help you stay focused on what happens.
  • Why she started seeing a therapist.
  • What she did to support her therapy sessions.
  • Understanding why she felt misunderstood.
  • How the pandemic changed her family’s life.
  • Most impactful book The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch (Amazon audio book), speaker, essential stay focused on what matters.

You can learn more about Amber Bracegirdle at Mediavine. You can also connect with her on Linkedin.

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