Losing Heart In My Company – Reader’s Question

Losing HeartI wanted to share a common career problem that a Work Happy Now reader, Casey, presented to me last week.


Casey said:

The company I work for changed Presidents and now there is no known direction or leadership on the changes that are going on. We are being required to take training courses which will not be used for work. I am back-logged and I feel total frustration.

I followed up with:


What type of training are they putting you through if it’s not for work?


Casey replied:

Computer software programs. To be perfectly honest with you, the foundation has been dysfunctional for a few years. This is just manifesting into more frustration and unhappiness.

My answer:

A President change is equivalent to a manager change in baseball, more cosmetic than a real personality change. Over time the President will eventually put his/her stamp on the organization so try not to judge too soon. It sounds like your company probably lacked direction for a long time. So do you feel this way because you are looking to find a better job?


If not then you must take action. The only way you’ll reduce your frustration is to feel productive. You have to recreate your environment. Talk to your manager or supervisor and see if they can give some of your work to your co-workers, if s/he won’t do it then ask for more time and a raise to complete your projects. You may be surprised at how responsive your manager might be to your suggestions. Many times they choose to ignore what they don’t want to see, but once you bring it to their attention they are glad to help out.


As for the classes that don’t fit into your job description…it may not seem helpful now, but be glad that they are giving you an opportunity to learn in a new way. You might be able to take this new skill, put it on your resume and use it at your next job.


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6 thoughts on “Losing Heart In My Company – Reader’s Question”

  1. Hey Barbara, education makes our world go round. Without our knowledge and skills we would be struggling to survive. Any chance we get to learn more even if it doesn’t quite fit into our job description, we must jump at the opportunity.

  2. Oh, try working for a large government department,which will remain nameless, but ends the statement ‘Death and…’ With each new chief, comes a new flavour of the day. I try and focus on my little piece of the pie and try to influence what I have the ability to influence; thereby providing myself and my team as much stability as possible. The rest, I just let go.

    Urban Panther’s last blog post..I just don’t get it

  3. It is very disheartening working in a company that seems to have no clear direction, but be thankful for the computer software training. This is an excellent opportunity to add to your repertoire of skills, and perhaps make your current work easier, but certainly better prepare you for your next job.

    Flora Morris Brown, Ph.D.’s last blog post..Why Aren’t More of Us Happy?

  4. Karl: I know how much frustration there can be when there’s chaos in the work place. The good thing is that chaos can bring opportunity if you keep your eyes and ears open and are willing to take on new responsibilities. I agree that learning new things is always beneficial, even if you can’t see how you would apply the new knowledge at this particular moment.

    Marelisa’s last blog post..Conquering Space – Decluttering and Organizing

  5. Hey Marelisa, learning new ways to improve our lives will help us stay happy. It takes a little work and we may not see it’s how it can help us, but over time we will see why certain experiences have helped us succeed.

    Hey Urban Panther, I know that working for a large company was rough. I can’t imagine a large government department. It helps to break down the big problems or situations into smaller ideas and anything that can’t be changed must be let go, so you can move on to better things.

    Hey Flora, I’m almost always surprised at how one training experience has helped me in ways that I never thought possible.

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