Living Your Superpowers Manifesto


There is someone out there who needs you. They expect you to help them with their problems.

Their pain is great. They sit at their computer, staring at their screen, worried what to do next. They step away from their work wishing that they had you in their life.

You have powers to change peoples’ lives.

People need your skills, love and attention. It’s time you unleashed them.

There is a business out there that would grow exponentially if you found a way to make them listen.

There are people who wish they had a small portion of your superpowers.

The first step is simple:


The second step is harder:


The third step is even harder:


I never said that using your superpowers was easy, but it’s so worth the pain to grow to new heights.

You deserve to wake up every day excited to get to work.

Your move.

What are you doing to leverage your superpowers to change people’s lives?

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* Where I got inspiration for this manifesto is from Danielle of White Hot Truth. She wrote a brilliant post called – The Manifesto of Encouragement.

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13 thoughts on “Living Your Superpowers Manifesto”

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  2. One theme I’m really putting into practice again is ruthless prioritization — cutting anything that’s not directly related to spending more time in my passion and giving my best where I have my best to give.

    It’s an ongoing battle, but it’s worth the fight, and it’s a way to stay on path and drive better results.

  3. Karl,

    “Do work that scares you because you care so much.” What a powerful concept! I think this might be why many people never find work they love and follow their passions. It just seems so scary to live life with so much excitement, it doesn’t seem “narural.” You are right though, by doing this is exactly how we can show others that it’s possible and more importantly natural.

  4. Found you today via Problogger. Nice to meet you and great post. I’m redefining my superpowers this year so I can be of even better service to those who need me. Looking forward to helping people do some really great stuff in 2011!

  5. I would say that i have a problem with step 3: I am pretty slow in doing the work which scares me. actually all the time i try to delay it. think does not apply only to me.

  6. Hi Crawlcraft, You are definitely not alone. Although, you are many steps ahead of a lot of other people. They don’t even see this issue. At least you see it and can accept it or learn to slowly lean into the fear so you can unleash more of your superpowers.

  7. Hi Laura, I like to call that voice my “arch nemesis.” That little voice that likes to tear me down. I actually try not to quiet the voice. I’m trying to form a relationships with him, so he can help me grow.

    Thanks for your comment!

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