Live Free Lesson 6: Do Because You Love

We have to do things that connect to our heart. When you do things you love, you feel connected to something greater than yourself. That connection is your greatest source of energy.

When we feel stuck, it’s probably because we’re doing things that bore us. We need passion and challenge to encourage us to grow.

We’ve been trying to please other people instead of pleasing ourselves. We’ve stopped connecting with what matters to us. We need to go back to our core passions and reconnect with things that we love by reflecting on our lives and remembering what lit us up inside.

Try asking these questions:

  • Did you enjoy tinkering with computers as a kid?
  • Did you enjoy selling candy to other kids at school?
  • Were you fascinated by Pokemon cards, baseball cards or other collector items?
  • Did you enjoy helping other people with their relationship issues?
  • Did you love playing video games?
  • Did you enjoy helping other people with their relationship issues?

Asking yourself questions that help you dig deep will help you find the thread of your work. It will also reinvigorate your passions.

We are on this earth to make an impact. Your impact might come from being a great teacher in your community, an amazing business person, or a volunteer at your local shelter. Whatever the impact that you seek to make, you have to tap into things that motivate you.

When we lose focus on our purpose, we stop making the impact that we want. We have to reconnect with the things that bring us joy. We can’t let our joy take a backseat to anyone or anything. When we allow this to happen we start shoveling in more shit pies. We have to make time for the things that we love to do.




If a day goes by without doing something you love then you aren’t living your life the way you want. The important part of this is doing something you love and connects to your greater purpose. You may love eating chocolate, but if it doesn’t connect to something greater than you then it’s only a fleeting sensation.

You’ll find freedom when you choose to do things you love each day that help connect you to your greater purpose and help you make an impact.