Learner’s Mind with Laura Faulkner

In this interview with Laura Faulkner you’ll learn about how she followed her passion and how it paid off for her. You’ll also see how she had been able to pivot her career into becoming a research designer.

Highlights from the interview:

  • How Laura got into design.
  • How the design industry has changed.
  • Pivoting her career into design.
  • What inspired her to make a change in her career.
  • Key skills that helped her grow her career.
  • How she repositioned herself in her career.
  • She noticed how the universe was supporting her.
  • How she discovered an important strength and why she leaned into it.
  • The importance of problems that you can solve.
  • Showing people that you are excited about a project at work can make it easier to change your career.
  • Looking at empty spaces that need attention.
  • Doing things that aren’t your job.
  • The importance of doing work that “does something”.
  • How being a designer became a career.
  • How we can improve our observation skills and find pain points to help solve problems.
  • What happens when you do the extra things that excite you within a company.
  • How you can improve your research skills.
  • Why context is so important to understanding a problem.
  • How we can reduce our biases when we are researching a problem.
  • The best way to observe others to help you find breakthroughs that you didn’t expect.
  • Learn about how you can get people to volunteer more information that creates insights.
  • How to get time with people that can help your career.
  • We look at her struggles and how she processes through her failures.
  • Why she goes into a new situation with a learner’s mind.
  • Laura’s most impactful book.
  • Appreciating how we think differently and why we need to embrace it.

You can learn more about Laura over at Laura Faulkner’s website. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn to build a relationship with her.

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