Dig to Fly podcast episode with Martin Rowinski

Get an Outside Perspective with Martin Rowinski

In this interview with Martin Rowinski, the CEO of Boardsi, we discuss how he struggled as a teenager due to not knowing the English language and how he built his resilient nature. One of my favorite moments in this interview is when we discussed coaching people to be their best.

Highlights from the interview:

  • The mindset around how he grew his career.
  • Why he decided to start his own business.
  • How his personality affected his ability to network with other business owners.
  • How he dealt with immigrating from Poland as a kid.
  • His wife’s encouragement helped him get over some of his networking fears.
  • The importance of being himself and not trying to be something that he wasn’t.
  • Using what people notice about you to connect with them.
  • Deepening connections quickly.
  • How he uses failure to grow his resilience.
  • How he works with his inner voice.
  • Why he lets his kids make mistakes.
  • Instilling good reflection habits into his kids routine when they make a mistake.
  • The values that we have help us make choices.
  • How he uses his own life examples to help him coach an employee.
  • Why showing them how to fix a situation won’t stick with an employee.
  • The importance of getting an outside perspective.
  • The reason we can’t figure out our problems on our own.
  • How he shifted his personality from being an introvert to being more of an extrovert.
  • Most impactful book, morning routine, evening routine, task he uses to stay focused.
  • Why he doesn’t like to write things down.
  • How he got over procrastination.

You can learn more about Martin over at Boardsi. You can also check out his new book The Corportate Matchmaker (Amazon Link). Connect with him on LinkedIn to learn more about him.

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