How to: Relieve Your Stress With a Three Step Plan

Stress Relief

Create a plan and you’ll relieve your worry. When you have a lot on your mind you probably try to over think the situation. However, worrying only creates more confusion.

Planning helps create internal balance. When you’re stressed out, organizing your thoughts is the best way to get yourself back on track.

Step 1: Understand your worry

Step back, take a deep breath and look at the situation objectively. Make a mental or actual list of everything that is causing you stress. Let’s say that you are afraid you might lose your job because of cutbacks. You’re worried that you’ll lose your source of income. That’s understandable and should create a little stress, but you know there is money to be made in every industry. Use that stress to formulate your plan.

Step 2: Create a plan

Now that you’ve figured out what the problem is you can create a plan of action. Give yourself at least two or three options, this way if one fails or you need more choices, you are covered.

Write out your plan. For example:

  • Update your resume
  • Connect with old contacts
  • Search the web for jobs

And you’re back on track to creating the career you desire.

Step 3: Execute your plan

Many people create a plan, but are afraid to execute it. They feel overwhelmed by the process. That’s why you wrote out the list and why you should start by tackling the easiest thing on it. Start out slow, then gradually allow your actions to build and gain momentum. Before you know it you’ll be out on an interview, creating your own career instead of leaving your life in the hands of someone that probably doesn’t care about you.

Stress is dictated by how you perceive a certain situation. If you look at the possibility of losing your job as an opportunity to find something that you truly love then you won’t be stressed out, you’ll be excited. You’ll harness this excitement and find the job that you deserve.

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