How to Deal with Your Inner Bully

MJ Gordon interviewed me about gratitude. It’s one of my favorite subjects. The science behind gratitude shows how powerful a gratitude practice can be when practiced regularly. 

One of my favorite parts of the show was how MJ was able to synthesize some of my ramblings and help show the practical benefits of a gratitude practice. It’s why I enjoy interviewing other people. There is something special about two people trying to help each other create great content together.

1:25 – How the focus on gratitude changed my life.

2:41 – How the third try at keeping a gratitude journal finally stuck.

4:30 – The importance of taking a moment to enjoy the situation.

6:50 – Making a good choice versus a reactive choice.

8:40 – Why being positive is not about ignoring your feelings.

13:58 – Balance between self-care and being productive.

14:40 – Four levels of gratitude.

16:30 – Looking for positive options.

19:15 – Gratitude stacking.

21:50 – Improving your mindset through the SOAR technique.

23:39 – How I deal with my inner bully.

25:21 – What do you do if you are having a hard time.

27:41 – What can you do to set yourself up for the next day?

29:55 – How gratitude helps you take action when you are feeling fatigued.

32:01 – Digging deep into gratitude helps you expand your mindset.

33:55 – How lucky we are to be in the bodies that we have.

37:15 – The duty to show up.

37:50 – My evening routine with my family.

41:25 – Applying gratitude inside my meditation practice.

You can watch the video of this interview on MJ’s YouTube channel.

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