How to Stay True to Yourself with Brian Clark

Brian Clark is one the most successful bloggers turned entrepreneurs the business world has seen. He sold his two most successful businesses in 2018 and 2019. He has now started over with Further and Unemployable.

You’ll enjoy this interview because it’s really cool to see how Brian has used his businesses to help his personal growth. When you challenge yourself to find solutions to problems that other people are having you have to dig deep and be willing to make mistakes. It’s the best way to grow.

When listening to this interview I would suggest taking notes as you listen. There are a few nuggets that you’ll take away with you and be able to apply to your business and life.

Here is the breakdown of the interview:

0:55 – What Brian is grateful for.

2:23 – What he was like as a kid and how it led to his entrepreneurial success.

4:58 – What he is like at a party.

5:25 – How his introversion has helped him in his businesses.

6:30 – How my fear of my own anger has forced me to avoid conflict.

8:20 – Why his sense of justice plays a big part of who he is.

10:23 – Pushing outside our comfort zones.

11:37 – Why his company grew bigger than he ever expected.

13:10 – Why he sold his companies.

14:33 – How does Brian stay true to himself.

16:01 – The story is more important than anything else in business.

18:55 – Feeling compelled to go deeper to find happiness.

20:53 – Why people become unhappy in middle age.

25:10 – Why I started my gratitude habit.

27:05 – Why his struggles were so difficult in his twenties.

30:33 – Why focusing on doing the inner work will help reduce your struggles as you age.

33:40 – Internalizing personal development to make it really sink in.

37:03 – The one philosophical question.

40:10 – Why we ditch the things that help us the most when we are stressed.

41:57 – Why an evening routine is so important.

45:45 – The part of my evening routine that helps set up my day for tomorrow.

48:39 – One quick tip that people can apply to their lives to improve their businesses/career

You can learn more about Brian Clark over at Copyblogger and Further. I would suggest joining his Further email list because he sends out great tips on how middle aged people can apply certain ideas to be happier and healthier. 

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