Interview with Mark Silver

Using Heart Centered Techniques to be More Effective with Mark Silver

In this interview you’ll learn about how Mark Silver found harmony in his business. Mark is the founder of Heart of Business, where he teaches people about growing his business from their hearts. One of my favorite parts of this interview was when he talked about the four layers of reality and how it influences our decisions.

Highlights from the interview:

  • How to not compromise your values.
  • The tension of what we know is true and what society is telling us to do.
  • The importance of making healthy choices in our careers.
  • The continual process of learning from our stress.
  • Being way more honest with yourself and others to reduce your stress.
  • The promise we make to others.
  • Why Karl is afraid to be himself.
  • The layers of reality and how they influence our decisions.
  • The awe inspiring aspects of our lives.
  • Developing practices that help us bring difficult moments into perspective.
  • Making adjustments in our careers.
  • Checking in with ourselves to help remind us to make good decisions.
  • The practice of remembrance.
  • The importance of not wishing things were different.
  • Understanding what got you to your present success and how to get to the next level.
  • Finding healthy mental models to grow your career.
  • How to slow down so you can speak clearly.
  • Just being is ok. We often forget this because we get caught up in our emotions.
  • Carrying important qualities that allow us to live a more full career.
  • Finding ways to make our work more effective.
  • Waking up when we feel hooked by a situation.
  • Impactful book.

You can learn more about Mark over at Heart of Business. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

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