Hard, Fun and Beautiful – Dancing Delight Edition

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Where we are free to talk about the hard, the fun, and the beautiful of our work week.

As the year begins to wrap up (no pun intended), I’m noticing a lot of shifts within myself.

The fear isn’t as overwhelming as it once was with a lot of the projects that I’ve been working on. It goes to show that putting in the time with you has really helped me grow. I’m getting better in front of the camera as well as doing interviews over the phone.

I look forward to my first TV interview. That will be a blast. Nothing booked yet, but I know it’s coming soon.

I’m also noticing that my ability to love has grown so much. I care more about you (the people who read this blog) and how I can make your working life more enjoyable.

Before I start. I hope you are spending this day with loved ones. If you are away on business then try putting a prayer in and you’ll feel closer to your loved ones. I promise.

OK, let’s begin…


Low energy level.

My energy level has been very low this week. I don’t think it’s the food or lack of sleep. I just think it’s a mental thing.

When Friday comes around my enthusiasm and energy wane. Now that the end of the year is coming, it’s hard to stay focused. I want to just relax and be with my family.

Earlier in the week I was chatting on Twitter and I hit a wall. I couldn’t stay focused. I knew it was time for bed. This was an hour before my usual bed time. I just went with it and still felt tired the next day. Go figure.


I started creating a theme of the week.

What I like about having a theme of the week is that it keeps me focused.

I’m focused on staying relaxed, finding fun, or staying creative.

I realize that I do better when I can micro-focus on an important part of my working growth. I was creating a workbook for an upcoming product and I couldn’t figure out which direction to take. I looked at my Twitter stream and remembered that I’m supposed to be enjoying my frustration.

I should just be with the emotions and not want life to be different.

It worked. I giggled at myself and switched to a new project for an hour. When I came back to my workbook, the answers came right out of me.


The first thing that pops in my head when I think of beautiful is my son, but I’m not going to talk about him every time.

So the most beautiful thing this past week was watching a woman drink her Starbucks coffee.

She had delight dancing in her eyes. She was going to enjoy that drink because she was so focused on all the goodness she was about to experience. There was no way she couldn’t enjoy its deliciousness.

Now that’s focusing on the beauty in her world.

I was going to wrap up my theme of the week in this post, but since I’m already wrapping up the week I’ll wait until next week. A little suspense is good for the soul.

What about you?

What has been hard, fun and beautiful in your life? I’ll see you in the comment section.

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* Chris Garrett a social media professional wrote a brilliant post called Why you owe it to the world to be your true awesome self. Check it out and let me know what you think. When we help the world become a better place our work happiness comes easy.

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7 thoughts on “Hard, Fun and Beautiful – Dancing Delight Edition”

  1. My hardships in life is dealing with the anarchy of my mind. The beauty is that I have learned to outgrow from my antiquated beliefs. And the fun part is that, I’m exploring my deeper self. 🙂

  2. Hard: Visiting 3 friends in Michigan and listening to each one describe what it’s been like to lose all or most of their assets due to the economy.

    Fun: My grandson’s first birthday party. He has never had any dessert or sweets. When he was given a piece of his birthday cake he played with it and never took a bite. I think everyone expected him to enjoy every last crumb.

    Watching him open and play with his bright yellow, Tonka dump truck.

    Celebrating and enjoying family and being together.

    Beautiful: Practicing non-judgment and living in the moment allowed me to be with others in their pain and joy.

  3. Hi Karl,

    I hope you had a really wonderful day celebrating Christmas yesterday–and getting caught up on some rest. I know when I have one or two really late nights it catches up with me very quickly and I notice the drained physical and mental energy levels.

    Hard: Not being with my sweetie for Christmas this year, and not having been able to spend as much time together this year, overall, has been hard for both of us.

    Fun: Playing with my sister and niece yesterday. Santa left one of those Wii rock band games so we spent the evening attempting to sing and play along with the Beatles. The funny thing is that I think playing a real guitar is actually easier than pushing color coded buttons on a “guitar”. 😉

    Beautiful: The little rainbow prisms in the dew drops as the sun shines on them, and the sparkling reflections from the frost on the roads.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  4. Hi Karl

    Wonderful to hear about your week, and hoping you had a great time celebrating the season’s festivities.
    My week was interesting indeed.

    Hard: Booking a trip and than finding out that we are not going to have flights for it, at least not for the price specified. And than trying to deal with the little “issue” 😉

    Fun: Preparing some new meals this week. I love trying new healthy and unique recipes.

    Beautiful: Spending nice time with family and friends. It was just beautiful to connect with people that we don’t have a chance to see all that often.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Walter, Ain’t that the truth. Our monkey minds try to dictate our happiness. They just need a lot of love and guidance and they’ll get board.

    Hi Tess, Hearing about friends’ tough times is difficult. I like how you practiced just being with the pain and joy.

    Hi Sue, Being away from a loved one during the holidays is so very hard. Hopefully you’ll see each other soon. A good night of Rock Band can cure the blues. Hopefully you put it on easy.

    Hi Evita, Dealing with the airlines is like pulling teeth. Good thing you had family to take away the stress.

  6. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!!

    Hard: Honestly, I can’t say I had much hard this week…If i have to pick one thing- prepping to host 17 people on Christmas day, cooking,cleaning…but that’s also fun!

    Fun: Christmas grab! So many laughs I will cherish until next year!

    Beautiful. The excitement from my niece and nephew about all the wonderful things Santa brought this year. To be a kid again at Christmas.

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