The Hard, The Fun and The Beautiful – Cockroach Edition

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Where we are free to talk about the hard, the fun, and the beautiful of our work week.

There are weeks that make you feel like you are skipping on clouds, then there are other weeks when those same clouds are smothering you.

Sometimes I feel like I’m treading along and not getting to the next level. I know that it’s just because I get locked in a worried cycle, but it’s just hard. You know what I’m talking about.

Let’s get started…


My reactions. A co-worker asked me a simple question. I can’t remember exactly what the question was, but I snapped. I gave a mean face that said, “Don’t mess with me.” I saw the person’s reaction and felt terrible. I just wanted to be left alone. This person didn’t know that s/he was stepping into an emotional bee hive. I know better than to give in to these reactions, but I still gave in to this habit.


Eating an orange. There is something fun about eating an orange. The bright colors. The squirting juices. The sticky fingers. Oh that taste. I just love to take an orange break because I can’t keep working while eating an orange. I just have to be there in that moment and just enjoy.


Cockroaches. Many of you will disagree with me on this, but today I think cockroaches are beautiful. Don’t ask me tomorrow, but today they are. I used the bathroom and out popped this big ol’ cockroach. My first instinct was to stomp on it, then I realized that it’s just trying to clean up after me. It’s because of humans that cockroaches thrive. So I knelt down and just enjoyed it’s wings, legs, and antennae for all they were worth.

What about you?

What has been hard, fun and beautiful in your life? I’ll see you in the comment section.

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The workplace can be a jungle. Steve Roesler does an excellent job helping people improve communication. One of my recent favorites is The Four Things Every Employee Wants to Know.

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8 thoughts on “The Hard, The Fun and The Beautiful – Cockroach Edition”

  1. Hi Karl

    Wow – that was so beautiful of you to say about the cockroach. You know I truly think that not enough people realize just how precious nature – all of nature – really is. You are so right, they thrive because of us, not only that many times we thrive because of them. So many times we want a certain “species” gone for it being a “nuisance” or whatever, but we do not realize that it has a place in the perfect existence of the all and through various interconnections our lives are better because of it.

    Anyway my week… well it has been an awesome one!

    The Hard – finishing up some tasks that I had to hurry before leaving on vacation.

    The Fun – going on vacation to Boston. I love road trips and seeing lots of new things, as well as having lots of new experiences.

    The Beautiful – Boston. Seriously what a beautiful city, one of my favorite cities that I have ever visited, that is for sure.
    So I am still enjoying myself here and just thought I would check in and see how your week went too 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hard: Getting back into my workout routine after a few weeks off being out of the gym. But–it wasn’t as hard as I thought.

    Fun: Voice lessons last night. I’m preparing for some auditions and the Christmas music season, which is always fun.

    Beautiful: Fall in Ohio. We’ve really had a gorgeous fall with all the leaf colors.

  3. Karl,
    I really enjoy Fridays here! I’m thinking you should turn this entire idea into a book etc.

    The hard: Was ssssooooo mad at my hubby about something. No matter what I did to get rid of my projection, take the focus off him, or get centered worked.

    I meditated, I prayed, I listened to inspiring music. I was driving myself crazy with anger. Yet I knew it was about my ego self and not him. It took me 2 days to get over it.

    Fun: My grandson and duaghter were visiting from MI. and little Henri got sick. The doctor said no traveling for 5 days so it was so fun to get to enjoy 5 more days with them.

    He is learning to eat and one thing I loved watching was him chew bread. I know this sounds silly but then I realzied this is “mindfulness” in action. I could see him examine the bread before picking it up. I could see him feel the texture on his tonugue, he chewed and swallowed slowly. After thouroughly chewing he swallowed. He savored!

    I’m thinking I need to ask Niki to videotape him with bread and send it to me so I can blog about it. I never thought of doing that probably because I was mindful just watching him.

    You know if you didn’t have this Friday thing I wouldn’t even be realizing this.

    Beautiful: My affirmation for my hubby: I look at my mate thruogh the eyes of today and I see his Beauty like never before!
    Also my lesson from Henri and how to eat mindfully. Savoring, enjoying and loving what I partake in!

  4. Hi Karl: I didn’t think there was a person alive that liked cockroaches. 🙂

    My hard: I have three large projects going on right now; I need to focus on one at a time instead of moving back and forth between them as I’ve been doing.

    My fun: Making up stories with my four year-old nephew.

    My beautiful: Frozen strawberries with whipped cream.

  5. Hi Karl,
    Okay, the cockroach story as beautiful…very fun! I’m not so sure I’d see it the same way…

    Hard: I have a fundraiser I’m coordinating for a group my son is involved in. And this is past week was the culmination of that. So, lots of work to get everything I collected put together and submitted.

    Fun: Thursday we had a tailgate party at work. Our team chose to dress up as part of the competition, and it ended up being a blast – even though it was 40 degrees and raining outside. So much fun! And…well, it’s the first time I’ve worn a skirt to work (I went as a cheerleader – yikes!).

    Beautiful: The leaves on the trees really started changing this week. Our yard is filled with yellows, oranges, and reds – and it’s gorgeous to look at!

  6. Hi Evita, It really is hard to get everything wrapped up before going away.

    Hi Emily, Practicing a new art is always fun. I wish I could sing, but alas my talents lie elsewhere.

    Hi Tess, It sounds like you got a great amount of joy out of your grandson. That’s a beautiful thing. You are right this might make a good book. Something to think about.

    Hi Marelisa, I love making up a story. The best part was probably seeing how your nephew is so creative.

    Hi Lance, I bet you looked dashing in your skirt or at least made a lot of people smile.

  7. Karl – what a nice video. I was referred to your site from Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project blog.
    The hard: Last week my wife and I drove past the home we sold in Indiana 2 years ago when we moved to Toledo, OH. It was burned up! Wasted – all charred and every window broken! We lived there for 20 years and raised 6 kids there and it’s a ruin now.
    The fun: My wife and I have been slaving on a rental property since August – weekend after weekend. We took a week off in August to “replace the shower”. After many setbacks, the shower finally went in last weekend. We were were just giddy over it!
    The beautiful: I got to demo a new website for some clients this week. They’ve been too busy to sit with me and go through it, so I’ve just been working ahead. They loved it!

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