Hard, Fun and Beautiful – Blasting Heater Edition

atlas-HFB-small-border-2Where we are free to talk about the hard, the fun, and the beautiful of our work week. The best way to learn from our experiences is to step back, be honest, and reflect on pain and joy of our work week.

Ahh time. Why do I view time as such a fickle substance?

I’m in one meeting where the time globs by, slowly burning me as each second passes.

There are other days when I look up and it’s 4 pm and I feel like I’ve been gliding on a big fluffy lazy chair made out of clouds that hug my body just right.

I had the extreme of both cases this weekend.

Let me explain…


Sludge time.

Time is a very important substance to me, except when I’m being tortured by it. 😉

I was lost for what direction to take my business. I want to help people with their careers (motivation, productivity, self knowledge, etc), but I also want to help small businesses and managers. I felt like my articles in the leadership/business culture were getting lost in the shuffle.

I felt lost and time dripped by. I wasn’t able to take action when I felt in limbo.

That’s why I created my How can I help you in 2010 post.

I’ve come to a conclusion that I will share with all of you very soon.

Please feel free to fill out the survey if you have a chance. Click here to help me do a better job of helping you.


Writing an amazing article that resonated with my soul.

The words were pouring out of me. Time has no meaning.

I have no idea where all the words came from, but it felt like the universe opened up a portal in my brain and just poured all this goodness in. The words poured out from my fingers into my computer.

It’s a magical feeling that doesn’t happen very often, so I enjoy it tremendously when it does.


The heater in my office.

We had a cold bitter day and I had just come in from outside. I felt my fingers and cheeks tingle as they warmed up.

I never really took the time to just sit and feel this sensations for a minute. It was a really cool 1 minute bliss relaxation that I will write down after I’m done with this article.

I could feel the rush of blood going to these cold areas, regulating my body temperature. My body wasn’t able to do this outside. It was too busy trying to keep my core warm.

When I got back inside with the blasting heater, my extremities warmed back up. It was a beautiful reaction that I usually take for granted, but not this time.

What about you?

What has been hard, fun and beautiful in your life? I’ll see you in the comment section.

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* Alexandra Levit’s blog Water Cooler Wisdom has a great article called Practice Good Karma at Work. You can probably guess how much I resonated with this piece.

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10 thoughts on “Hard, Fun and Beautiful – Blasting Heater Edition”

  1. It sounds like you found your flow and writing helps you channel your best. That’s a good observation.

    Time is a great example where perspective makes all the difference in the world. I have an interesting book on playing with time and perspective, but I haven’t prioritized reading it yet.

  2. Hard: Getting to work in all the snow! Actually, it’s just getting my car out that’s hard. My kingdom for a snow plow.

    Fun: Going through the list of Best Picture nominees and trying to see as many as possible before the awards. So far I’ve seen two, will be four by the end of the weekend.

    Beautiful: As much as I dislike snow, it does look pretty. When it’s not blocking my car, that is.

  3. Hi Karl,

    Sounds like you had a great time writing the article that resonated with your soul. It’s an amazing experience when you write a piece that feels like it’s just being downloaded straight from the Universe. Your description of time when it dragged by made me think of the melted clocks in Salvador Dali’s painting, “The persistence of memory”

    Here’s my summary of the hard,fun and beautiful for this week.

    Hard: Not being able to be with my sweetie in India to attend his second cousin’s wedding. I so wanted to go there for his cousin’s wedding, but I needed to be be here to wrap up the last of some ongoing craziness.

    Fun: Well, since I couldn’t be there in person, my sweetie found a way to bring the pre-wedding festivities to me remotely,courtesy of skype and a webcam! You have to love modern technology sometimes!

    Beautiful: All of these lovely dance performances–performed by family and extended family– that I’m currently watching and that are occurring half a world and half a day away. Getting to at least participate passively and from a distance in such a joyful occasion.

    Also beautiful this week is that an ongoing situation that has been a real energy drain has finally been resolved to my satisfaction. I am so happy to finally close the book on that crazy story and move on.

    Have a great weekend, everyone.

  4. Hard
    A friend quit talking to me. I can guess why yet really don’t know for sure. It’s difficult to have a relationship with someone if they don’t give you a clue to what is bothering them. I can’t know what is going on in someone’s head if they don’t share…

    My sister and two nieces are visiting from MI and it’s the first time any family of origin have come in the 2&1/2 years we’ve been in AZ. Spent yesterday talking and laughing over old and new times.

    Knowing when to keep my mouth closed…Knowing when to walk a mile in another’s shoes and empathize with them.
    Knowing to accept others as they are with no desire to change them. In fact knowing they are perfect and anything I would want to judge them about is all about me and my lessons. Knowing how truly beautiful is to know and practice this is what makes my life smooth and happy today!

  5. I love that feeling of heating up after being absolutely frigid outside. It IS beautiful!

    For me, the week went like this:
    Hard: A tough decision in my personal life, coupled with a long day at work this week that left me really tired.

    FUN: I think my “fun” response will always include friends. This week was no exception — sharing an unexpected dinner with eight people and having a BLAST! So much love and laughter around that table… I felt blessed.

    Beautiful: That tough personal decision from before, believe it or not, has left a beautiful imprint on my soul. What’s more, it resulted in my receiving a dozen roses that are – in a word – breathtaking. Love and respect always yield love and respect. Period. I’ve seen this over and over in my life, regardless of influencing factors.

  6. Hi Karl

    Yes, time indeed is a funny thing in how it can be perceived in so many different ways, depending on the task.

    My week turned out to be pretty interesting as we were planning a trip up north, but could not really commit to it till last minute for weather reasons and all worked out!

    Hard: Not doing enough yoga this week – I had the time, just didn’t make it a big enough priority.

    Fun: Going up north and moving on making our next dream a reality.

    Beautiful: Seeing winter in the serene and tranquil setting of the untouched cottage country areas. Gosh it is so much more beautiful than winter in the city with slushy roads and grey days.

  7. Hi Sue, The wedding sounds like it was a lot of fun. Technology does make difficult situations a little easier to handle. I bet you almost felt like you were there.

    It’s always fun to watch how music affects everyone differently.

    I’m glad your ongoing situation worked out in the end. I bet you gained a ton of knowledge from the experience.

  8. Hard: Getting up early in the morning.
    Fun: Getting to play with new jewellery.
    Beautiful: The little boy who tried to put a necklace he liked around her neck. She hated it, but he loved it so she bought it.

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