Hard, Fun and Beautiful – Red Skin Edition

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Where we are free to talk about the hard, the fun, and the beautiful of our work week.

Dealing with negative emotions isn’t easy. This past week I made a couple of blunders that made me beat myself up. I guess the event didn’t make me. I made the choice to beat myself up.

I’m learning to just be with my emotions, instead of trying to force change.

Emotional intelligence is maybe the most important factor to achieving work happiness. The more we can develop our ability to interact with our emotions, the more we can enjoy work.

Let’s Begin…


Smashing my finger in the drawer. Every time I typed, the pain would remind me of my stupidity. The hard part wasn’t the pain. The hard part was that I kept beating myself up throughout the day. I whispered to myself, “I can’t believe I was that stupid.” I know this doesn’t help, but I felt so… well… stupid. It’s hard to be compassionate with myself. I know it’s vital to being happy at work. It’s just something I’m working on.


Tweaking my keynote presentation to put a little more of my personality in it was fun. I used to hate doing this type of work. I just wanted to get out there and talk, but now I realize that improving the details magnifies the value in the presentation. I recognize that improving the details is what separates me from other speakers. It’s a big part of why I started Work Happy Now. I wanted to find ways to enjoy diving into the details, swimming around and reveling in the work. I’ve been improving this part of my personality and loving the results. Personal growth at work is an amazing experience.


The apple on my desk. It sits there waiting for me to eat it. It has red skin on the outside with slight streaks of green. It’s a Fuji. I feel so lucky to have such natural goodness ready for me to eat when I’m hungry.

What about you?

What has been hard, fun and beautiful in your life? I’ll see you in the comment section.

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9 thoughts on “Hard, Fun and Beautiful – Red Skin Edition”

  1. The hard, I’ve been sick. Two weeks ago I went to my doctor and asked for a certain perscription. He said no even though he gave my husband the drug a week prior. You would think he’d figure out where I got the bug. My husband was already better at this time.

    I had no choice but to purchase the drug he wanted me to have. So yesterday I went back after another week of feeling miserable. I demanded he give me what I asked for the first time and he did. Then he said, “Your blood pressure is up a little.” Ha! I replied, It’s the first time ever and it’s because I’m so angry with you I could’ve been better a week ago!

    What I’ve learned since living in AZ is that many, many people go to Mexico for perscription drugs that you can get over the counter and cheap. They also go for dental work. There are bus trips to certain border towns for this reason. What does this say about our health care?!? Augghh!

    The fun. I began tutoring Hispanic children who are a few grades behind in their reading. I find it to be a joy and completely takes me out of my world and into theirs. I have 4 young children who are cute with missing teeth and 3 eigth grade boys who are so fun. They want me to stay after and watch their soccer games!I figure if I help them improve their reading I’ll help them improve their lives.

    The beautiful. Ditto on the fun. It’s beautiful to seem them enjoy coming and learning new words. Their faces light up!

  2. Hi Karl

    Well you have had quite a week. But indeed beating ourselves up does not help things one bit. In our society we are taught very early on to “be hard” on ourselves, but this only results in more stress. Flowing through whatever situation life offers on the other hand allows us to see what they offer, what we can learn from them and how to proceed next time.

    As for me it has been quite an interesting week indeed!

    HARD – Being without my husband for almost 6 days while I was away on my trip. I am not one of those who needs the “absence makes the heart grow fonder” – I appreciate him everyday, so the time apart was a little tough. It was great to come home to him, but hard to come back to the cold and gray weather as well.

    FUN – Well aside from the above, the trip to California was so much fun. It was my first time there and I made the best of it! The sun was so amazing and the ocean and the birds and exploring the area!

    BEAUTIFUL – The wildlife of the oceans that I saw on my trip. It is humbling at how precious and beautiful it is. Makes me think too about how much more we can do to help preserve the beautiful species of this Earth simply by making some simple changes in our own lives, like eliminating plastic bags and not littering.

  3. Karl, I’m so sorry about your finger! Eesh… I could hear myself in your words, though — I’m not always kind to myself about certain things I deem “stupid.” It gets better, though. Baby steps…

    I loved reading Tess and Evita’s comments, so I’ll make that my fun response.
    Hard was… Adjusting to being unsure about my financial future.
    Beautiful was seeing myself grow a little bit this week, in terms of emotional stamina and/or maturity. I was very successful with something this week that in the past has felt difficult. Now, though, it feels effortless. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Be well and enjoy your weekend!

  4. Hi Tess, Tutoring kids must be an amazing experience. I’m glad they have someone as wonderful as you helping them.

    Hi Evita, Being apart from someone you are close to and love so much is hard, but at least you found ways to still enjoy your time a part.

    Hi Megan, Aaaahhh growing. We are put hear to grow and when we can do it emotionally there are few better feelings.

  5. Hope your finger feels better – I had a “stupid” moment once with a sharp piece of glass…I get what you’re saying.

    Hard: time management. I didn’t get done all the things I hoped. But alas, I still have more time!

    Fun: Networking, networking, networking! Lots of time to interact with other people, share stories and laugh.

    Beautiful: Finding the “missing link” to my true calling. That was stunningly beautiful and I’m so excited about what it means for the future.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. Hi Karl,

    Hope your finger is feeling better. Smashing fingers in drawers really is quite excruciating–ouch! Evita is so right in her observation that we seem to be trained by our society to be hard on ourselves and yet it’s such an unhelpful approach to life. Really, how does hurting ourselves emotionally by constantly beating ourselves up for being human actually make a useful contribution? In fact, it’s almost a form of self-bullying. No wonder something like 10 to 20 percent of the population in North America is walking around with depressive symptoms.

    Here’s my update on the hard, fun and beautiful.

    Hard–Having to come home to the cold, blustery north “wet” coast after spending a most enjoyable week with my sweetie in northern California. We had hoped to spend more time together before he goes back to India in early December on another extended business trip, but it didn’t quite pan out that way.

    Fun–Walking a labyrinth together (a very meditative experience), going for a walk at a bird sanctuary,and doing some cooking together. Finishing my collage for my “What’s Your Tree” circle (a program designed by the activist Julia Butterfly Hill to support people in finding their purpose, passion and power in life)and seeing the other group members’ collages.

    Beautiful–The tiny, green hummingbirds that were zipping from plant to plant at the bird sanctuary.

  7. Hey Karl….sorry to hear about your finger!

    For me: Hard: I fell down our very steep stairs after tripping on my heels and broke my leg…and have two little kids and a Full work week. hmmm.

    The fun: Said screw it…. and got a pedicure three hours after getting out of the emergency room so I could look at sparkly toes rather than a bandaged leg!

    Beautiful: my kids, the weather, my good husband helping out unasked…that I am actually pretty excited that it is Holiday season!

    I love this post you do!

  8. Hi Stacey, I never seem to get everything done that I want. It’s a pain, but part of life.

    Hi Sue, I love labyrinths. They always make me feel on edge in a kid like way.

    Hi Katie, Fingers doing much better. Thanks. Sorry about your leg. Sounds like you have a good attitude about it. Hope it heals quickly.

  9. Hard, Fun and Beautiful

    It has been hard for me to really know who I am and what my purpose in this world is. But I somehow overcome it already.

    Fun is the journey I had to go through in life. Every time I make a mistake atleast I know there’s always a bright side.

    Beautiful are the people who are always there for me.;-)

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