Happy at Work Action Day is Here

We are celebrating happiness at work on a Monday. I know it’s tough getting the motivation flowing. That’s why I chose October 5th. It’s the first Monday in October, during that time of year when most of the northern hemisphere is struggling with declining daylight hours and ensuing colder weather. It’s the time of year to hunker down and find ways to be happy with the present moment.

Many people have been letting me know that doing all four elements of the Happy at Work Action Day will feel forced. I suggest picking two and making that your mission today.

4 Rules to Happiness at Work Action Day

1. Celebrate! (i.e.Throw an office party.)
2. Reward a deserving co-worker or client.
3. Reward yourself for a recent accomplishment.
4. Take 5 minutes to reflect on the crazy beauty in your life.

If you would like to take five minutes and reflect on the crazy beauty in your life by writing in the comment section, you’ll be halfway to accomplishing your happy at work mission.

Remember, whoever participates by writing about how the day made them feel or linking back to me will be put into a drawing for a free hour of consulting (one personal and one organizational). Check out the details on the Happy at Work Action Day page. Any bloggers who write about this event can also win a Blog Catalog 6 month memberships.

I hope you have an amazing Happy at Work Action Day. Let me know how it helped you. Hopefully the comment section will blow up with new ideas and happiness.

I’ve decided to buy some decadent food, Quaker granola bars that they try to market as healthy, but they are really candy bars and Pirate Booty, that aren’t good for the waist line, but a great way to celebrate.

This day to celebrate work happiness is all about creating a Happy at Work Project. We all need some guidelines to improve your happiness, so get started today.


Congratulation to the Alex the Cheif Happiness Officer for getting married to a wonderful woman – Patricia. I wish I could have been there to enjoy the moment. Don’t ever forget – it’s so much easier to be happy at work when you are happy at home.

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16 thoughts on “Happy at Work Action Day is Here”

  1. ohhh, good one, Karl. I commit to celebrating today by taking a walk (a second one) in daylight and shooting some photographs–always cheers me up and I don’t always remember to do it. Thanks!

  2. Way to go, Karl! Let’s all celebrate Happy At Work Action Day like it’s 1999! (Oh wait… wrong holiday.) Quaker granola bars are delicious, but I may opt for Stonyfield frozen yogurt tonight instead. (smile)

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  4. This is awesome! I need to celebrate today for sure because I really don’t feel like being here at work right now. By the way, I LOVE the eCourse… It’s been SO helpful for me! Thanks for putting it together.

  5. I’m going to celebrate Happy At Work Day by saying thank you. I will write in my gratitude journal the numerous ways my work has a positive effect on myself and others.

    I love the comment about it’s easier to be happier at work when one is happy at home. I think it works in reverse as well. Either way we’re as happy as we make up our minds to be.

    Thanks Karl!

  6. Hey Karl,
    I’m wearing my Green Bay Packer Hawaiian shirt, and I’m ready to embrace the day and the fun in it! And later today, we’re having an ice cream party at work! Ice cream. Football. Hawaiian shirts. I’m feeling extra happy already…and the day is just starting! Yahoooooo!!

  7. Hi Karl,
    I linked to your post from my blog too. Thanks for the happy inspiration. We are super busy at work right now, but my co-workers are a great team. I know we will pull through together.

    I took time to reflect on my crazy life and I will thank my co-workers today for all they do.

    Tamara aka Queue_t

  8. Hi Karl,
    Happy “Happy At Work” Day! I am happy at work today for several reasons:

    I had a GREAT weekend – I think it fuels happiness at work when you have successfully taken time for yourself during the weekend (or even in the evenings).

    I’m still in my pajamas.

    I’m about to take a break and jog in the sun with my dog.

    We have a photo shoot today that will stimulate our creativity and challenge us.

    I started the week feeling organized.

    I have no plans this evening (rare, but it is always so nice)!

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to reflect on my reasons to be happy at work today!


  9. YAY!!!! Congrats on this Karl…and best of luck.

    Today I’m working on the back deck…it’s a gorgeous fall day in New England and I’m taking advantage. that is some good work happiness!

  10. Crazy beauty…love that! For me, it’s the basic goodness of human beings, the desire to make meaning, the creativity that you find in the most unlikely places, the knowledge that life is sweet and worth living even when things are tough. The pure joy of a moment of time, or laughing harder than you ever have before. Community and belonging. Wow, thanks for asking that question!

  11. Hi Karl

    Happy “Happy at Work Action Day” – what an awesome event you have started!

    So how am I celebrating – I actually wrote a post on my own blog to celebrate this day and let more people know about your amazing work and initiative! Congrats and a huge THANK YOU to you for inspiring individuals to do this!

    I work at home now – so every day for me is happy at work day 😉

    And what a perfect time of the year you picked for this day indeed!

  12. Hello Karl!

    I celebrated Happy At Work Day by actually being happy at work! So many of mo coworkers buckle under the stress but I just wont allow that to happen. As a result, many have commented to me that they are so glad they work with me because I help keep everyone laughing and lighten the mood. One can really influence people when you wake up grateful every day. 🙂


  13. Hi Megan, Stonyfield frozen yogurt is pretty good too.

    Hi Dyana, I love a good walk. Hope it was fun.

    Hi Positively Present, Glad you are enjoying the eCourse. The hard work has paid off.

    Hi Tess, A gratitude journal is a great habit.

    Hi Lance, Sounds like a party. Wish I could have been there.

    Hi Queue_t, Thanks for the link and hope the reflection on the crazy beauty helped.

    Hi Larissa, You are lucky to be in a creative field.

    Hi Stacey, Hoped you enjoyed your beautiful fall day. Lucky!

    Hi Patty, Sounds like you know what you are doing. Happy at Work Action Day must have been a success for you.

    Hi Evita, I’m going to read your post right now.

    Hi Chris, enjoying every day life is sometimes forgotten. The smartest people seem to have a good grasp on this ability.

    Hi Keith, One person like you in an office can really improve the whole atmosphere. Keep it up.

  14. This is all wrong.

    TheStreet.com just published a column “Satisfaction Does Not Boost Performance.” The best minds in HR, Ed Lawler and Richard Beatty both agree that the data is overwhelming that satisfaction programs do not help business performance. Why do we continue to reject empirical data?

    Read the article!

  15. Hi Brad, I think you missed the whole point of the exercise. I want people to be happy at work because it reduces stress, increases engagement and feels good. Performance may not directly improve, but that is beside the point.

    For example an engineer may not create something unique because he is happy. But what happiness at work will do is create a culture that is enjoyable which spreads to the people around them. This feeling spreads to the customers. It’s why Zappos became a billion dollar company. They let people have fun at work which makes them feel more connected and make decisions that encourages word of mouth advertising.

    Wouldn’t you rather be happy at work than sad, depressed or bored?

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