Hand Massage for Stress Relief

When you feel frustrated and angry and don’t know what to do with these emotions, I would suggest a hand massage. You’ll slow down your angry thoughts and refocus on giving your hands much needed attention, and this should calm you.

Step 1: Stop whatever you are doing

If you are in the middle of a report, stop. If you are talking to an equally frustrated family member, excuse yourself and go to a different room. You need to relax your emotions and redirect your thoughts toward something more positive.

Step 2: Massage your hand

I believe you should always start between the thumb and the index finger. It has been known to relieve headaches and other minor issues. Place your thumb and index finger between the web of your opposite hand and rotate your fingers slowly, breathing and releasing the tension. Then move your attention to the tips of your fingers and around the rest of your hands. Switch and massage the other hand to balance out the muscles in both hands. Massaging your hands should help you redirect your mind toward relaxing in the moment.

Step 3: Feel the tension leaving your muscles

Take the last minute and soak in your relaxed feelings. By doing this you’re not letting your mind go straight back to the stress. Feel this relaxed state and remind yourself that you are settling down in a difficult situation. It’s better than letting your feelings overload you.

Step 4: Face your stress with your new perspective

Now get back to the report or that person who you shouldn’t have allowed to stress you out and know that it’s up to you to decide how any situation makes you feel.

A hand massage is a quick little way to bring your emotions back down to a tolerable level. When you can stop the stress from mounting, you can prevent an overload of uncomfortable feelings.

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  2. I didn’t know about this hand massage that relieve stress. I will surely apply this. Especially it month-end reporting time again is on the way. I will be needing a lot of this massage on the next few days.

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