Go After the Things That Truly Matter to You with Jennifer Navarrete

Jennifer Navarrete is an expert podcaster and business coach. In this interview you’ll learn about how she creates different passion projects that help her business. You’ll also learn from how she learned from her failures to grow her business.


  • How Jennifer got hooked on podcasting back in 2005.
  • The power of podcasting.
  • Why we retain more information listening to podcasts than reading books.
  • What is a walking meeting?
  • The perks of listening to audio books.
  • Creating experiments as we build our businesses.
  • The importance of having a deadline when working on an experiment.
  • Building your resilience through experiments.
  • A recent business failure that she tried and learned from.
  • How to create an experiment that works for you.
  • What Jennifer like as a kid.
  • Why she created NaPodPoMo (National Podcast Post Month)
  • How she helped her kid understand his passion for gaming.
  • Calibrating her business to help it grow.
  • Building her podcamp in San Antonio.
  • What the breaking point for her was to focus on the things that really matter to her.
  • How she says no to things to focus on what matters.
  • Building her online community.
  • Finding the sweet spot in our relationships with our Bonus Income.
  • Understanding our energy levels to focus on doing the things we love.
  • How to stop being afraid and sit with uncomfortable feelings.
  • Giving ourselves permission to understand who we are is so important.
  • Our minds never grow old.
  • The deeper that we dig into things we love helps us create more freedom in our lives.
  • Understanding your core mission.
  • You waste time when you chase money instead of doing things you love.
  • Fight through the issue of second guessing yourself.
  • Go after the things that truly matter to you.
  • Podcast – No Agenda, Podcast 2.0
  • Brain FM App to help with focus.
  • Green Lights audiobook by Matthew McConaughey
  • Storybrand audiobook – business book about building a story around your business by Don Miller.

You can learn more about Jennifer Navarrete on her website Walk Talk Challenge and Brewing Media. You can learn more about her on Twitter and Facebook as well.

And as always if you have any questions or want to submit a guest for the podcast that you think would be amazing just reach out on Dig to Fly and I’ll do my best to get them on.

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