Glass Half Full or Just Pour More Wine In

red-wineYou have your favorite drink in front of you. Let’s say it’s a glass of red wine.

You been enjoying each sip, thinking about all the amazing projects you worked on this year. The glass is half full.

You look down and decide I’m not going to wait until I’m done to refill your glass.

You grab the bottle, smile and top off your glass.

Why worry about a glass being half full or half empty when you can keep it full if you choose to do so?

That’s the difference between feeling like you have limited choices, you always have other options.

Opening up to possibilities is what I try to teach people at Work Happy Now. I want them to see their present superpowers as just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m a big believer in rewarding people for their hard work. I want to reward you for all your hard work in helping Work Happy Now. I created a cool little contest. The people who share, using the widget below or leave a comment, about how you’ve shared Work Happy Now with a friend, gets their name put in for some really cool prizes.

I’m giving away:

  • Grand Prize – A supercharge your business in a month package. ($495)
    • One hour company assessment call.
    • Review present procedures.
    • Create company culture plan to help retain employees, improve customer service and increase revenue.
    • One hour follow-up call.
  • Big Prize – A supercharge your career in a month package. ($195)
    • One hour career assessment call.
    • Strategic plan that will spur your career into action and attaining results that make you truly happy.
    • One hour follow-up call.
  • 1 of 5 Work Happy Now books ($10.95 each)

I want to help you kick off next year with a bang!

Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Contest has ended. Thank you to those that entered.

4 thoughts on “Glass Half Full or Just Pour More Wine In”

  1. an fresh perspective… I thought it was going to be a small-scale variation on filling a container with big rocks so it’s full, then littler ones so it’s full, and so on with sand, until there’s only room for water (or wine in this case).

  2. Karl Staib - The Work Happy Guy

    Hi Cheryl, That would have been a nice story too. I’ll have to put your idea on the writing back-burner for next year. 🙂

  3. what a great reminder to think positively and to see all of the opportunities around us!

  4. I like your post, but i do not have facebook because i do not agree with their values. Does it count if i stumbled it?

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