Fire Cracker, A Lousy Day and Multiply It By 7

firecrackerI’ve had some real “fire cracker explodes in your hand” kind of days. You know those days when you take a chance and it back fires in your face.

The old Karl (before Work Happy Now) usually got all depressed and sulked for days on end when I had a lousy day. I now practice being happy at work. I don’t put up with a lousy day any longer.

I’ve learned how to let the pain go and move on.

Last Week

I was stuck working on some reports. I couldn’t get the data to match up and I was freaking out. My hands were sweating, I was feeling hot flashes from my anger, and I was unable to focus. My day kept getting worse and worse. I got a phone call from a client who was in desperate need of help.

How could I help when I was freaking out myself? I told her that I would call her back in 20 minutes.

I decided to step outside and sprint down the block (well nowadays with my old man legs it’s more like a fast jog) until I ran out of breath. It was a lousy day multiplied by 7. It was some kind of shit storm that came out of nowhere.

When I got back inside I called the client back, gave her two good options and then I felt this calm come over me.

That phone call took the stress off of me and made me focus on someone else.


It was like God handed me a key to my own brain. I’ve actually known this trick for a long time, but it never fully registered. I have a good feeling that I’ll forget again and I’ll need to go for a sprint again, but that’s just who I am.

By shifting my focus on to helping this client, I got out of my own emotional shit storm. It was beautiful.

I know that I teach about happiness and should have 10 tools at my disposal at any given time, but for some reason I couldn’t let go until I called my client back.

Turn the Focus Outward

Next time you are caught in a shit storm, stop whatever you are doing, sprint 100 yards and then help someone else with their problem.

When you get back to your own problem, you’ll have a clear mind and a relaxed heart.

Your Turn

What do you do when you are having a lousy day?

Do you marinate in it or do you find a way to turn it around?

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3 thoughts on “Fire Cracker, A Lousy Day and Multiply It By 7”

  1. I generally get all depressed and sulk for days. 🙂 Been reading your blog for a while and am going to try your no-complaint diet for a week and see how it turns out (since the sulking isn’t working). Hopefully productivity (and happiness) will increase.

  2. Hi Ed, The no complaining diet was a turning point in my life. I stopped focusing on what I didn’t have and focused on the great people in my life. Don’t get me wrong I still complain to release tension, but my complaining has been reduced by at least 80%. I’m much happier and my energy level is a lot higher than when I complained all day long.

  3. It all depends on what the lousy day is coming from. Sometimes I can bump myself out of it, while other times the marination happens despite my best intentions.

    There are a variety of ways I shift my attitude. Meditation is often helpful, even just a few minutes. Exercise is almost always a reliable way to shift things. Listening to positive/motivational/etc. CDs can sometimes help. Focusing on someone else’s problems can be a good way to both shift my attention elsewhere and give me that energy hit that comes from helping people.

    One thing that almost always creates a shift is a session with a client. I can go into a client call feeling grumpy and cranky, and almost always come out of it feeling good and smiling.

    On the flipside, I find that sometimes no amount of trying to shift my perspective works. In those case, I end up doing the opposite and just letting myself sink in and stew for a while. Strangely, that can pave the way for that perspective shift as well.

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