Enjoy the Nitty Gritty Details


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When we are able to enjoy the details within our work that’s when we know we are working happy. The best part about details is there is always another layer, which just sparks more curiosity.


If there is anyone that loves the details of social marketing it’s Chris Brogan. That’s why he is so good at what he does.


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5 thoughts on “Enjoy the Nitty Gritty Details”

  1. Definitely! Embracing the power of small can really make a difference to your day. Taking the time to enjoy the details, get up and talk to a co-worker, ask questions, share ideas. And even when that doesn’t get me through a tough work day I find keeping a daily list of accomplishments is a great way to lift my spirits and focus on what I do have to enjoy, instead of always wanting something I dont have.

  2. Hi Karl. Nice topic–and nice hair! 😉

    How do I enjoy the nitty gritty details? Many times when I am doing work for someone else what helps me extract more joy from it is to imagine the person I am doing it for. What small things which I take for granted in what I am helping them with will mean the most to them? How will the details I am including impact their life, even in a small way? These things allow me to kind of re-focus on the pieces which will bring the most value to them.

  3. Stephen - Rat Race Trap

    Karl, I am NOT a detail person so it is difficult for me. But what I find works best is to think about the ultimate end for which I am working. That ultimate purpose, benefit, or whatever makes it all worthwhile. You can say “Hey, I’m going to be free, or rich, or travel the world, or help people as a result of what I am doing here”. Another thing is just try to get enjoyment out of a job well done. Have pride in whatever you are doing. And finally focus and your breathing for a minute and just get happy with the world at that moment.

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