Interview with Phil Simpkins of Arro social network

Embrace Your Inner Nerd with Phil Simpkins

In this interview you’ll learn about how Phil Simpkins looks at his partnerships in his businesses. Phil is an entrepreneur at heart. He tries to build businesses with people that care about something greater than themselves. You’ll learn how he utilizes his colleagues, family and friends to help him guide him.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Why Phil is guided by his values.
  • His mom was a teach and how it influenced him. 
  • Choosing who we are.
  • Why he proclaims himself a nerd.
  • The importance of doing what we need to do.
  • Most people think they are self aware, but most are not.
  • Surrounding yourself with friends that don’t judge you.
  • What drives him to build businesses.
  • How we need to look at cryptocurrency from a different perspective.
  • Why social media should give back to people who use the platform.
  • Why we need to give the people back control of their content.
  • How does he navigate his weaknesses.
  • How he uses his support systems to help him grow his businesses.
  • His wife helps him tune into his emotions.
  • What patterns he notices when he is upset.
  • Trying to think about how small actions affect our larger goals.
  • Making sure his employees are happy and content.
  • How he sets a good example for his employees.
  • Creating an employee comic strip for the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • Creating training for employees.
  • Greatest struggle and how he works through it.
  • Most impactful book, podcast, and tool that he uses to stay focused on his work.

You can learn more about Phil over at You can also connect with him on LinkedIn

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