Do You Need a Superpowers Coach? – $240 Contest Giveaway

thank-you-whn-2You help me wake up in the morning.

You empathize with my pain.

You are a friend.

You push me to improve.

You are simply amazing.

I am so excited that you are a part of Work Happy Now. Without you I wouldn’t be as happy as I am. I’m currently in the top 10% of happiest people on earth. I’m not sure how to prove that, but believe me I’m there.

Today I’m giving away two superpower coaching sessions to one lucky winner. That’s a $240 prize. No messing around about this offer.

The package includes:

> Two 1 hour strategy calls. (We do one call to help you create a plan and a second call to evaluate your progress and make adjustments.)

> I’ll help you conquer your fears and identify your superpowers.

> We’ll develop a system that will help meet your needs, get unstuck and get energized.

> We will create a plan that will get you excited to take action.

Just let me know what you need help with:

> Discovering your superpowers

> Conquering your fears

> Your career passions

> Your motivation

> Reducing your stress

My kind of person

I work well with creative people. People who don’t know how to harness their creativity or creative types who need help overcoming their blocks, so they can do amazing work.

I’m here for you.

Ok, so now it’s your turn.

Leave a comment on this blog post, or if you are too shy you can send me an email at karl (AT) workhappynow (DOT) com. Let me know why you need a superpowers coach.

The deadline is May 14th, so if you are interested, let me know why I should help you.

The winner will not be picked at random. I will pick the most lively, passionate and genuine comment.

Thank you again for being a part of Work Happy Now and good luck.

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* Lance over at the Jungle of Life is highlighting a site that is getting the word out about domestic abuse. It’s called Unsilence The Violence. The interview is wonderful and the website can be graphic, but this topic needs more exposure.

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30 thoughts on “Do You Need a Superpowers Coach? – $240 Contest Giveaway”

  1. Hi Richard, I must admit that I’m giving this package away because it is inspiring and gives me a ton of ideas. I work with a lot of motivated clients and sometimes the people that need my skills the most don’t contact me, so this is also helping me.

  2. Hey Karl

    What a great idea and what a way to help people!

    I exclude myself from the contest as I like you am in that 10% 🙂 But I will surely spread this awesome contest around so those who can most benefit find out about it!

    This is so awesome of you to do 🙂

  3. I hate my job. The problem is I’m great at it. Every time I want to quit, I get complimented and or a raise. It’s the worst. I’m freelance and I am constantly bombarded with offers and everytime I think I take the right one there’s always something to complain about.
    I use to be so into what I do ( I work in TV) but lately I can’t even watch television anymore.

    Your blogs have helped me a lot make me laugh sometimes and try to put things in perspective but maybe I need another career. You tell me??

    Tony T.

  4. Hi Karl,

    This is a really generous give away and a wonderful way of showing gratitude to your readers. Don’t forget that your posts, compassionate and approachable outlook, and hilarious cartoons also make a hugely positive difference for many of your readers every day! You’re a real inspiration for a lot of people and I wish I could round up some of the larger, less caring corporations and make them attend a seminar on how to increase employees’ work happiness.

    Have a great afternoon/evening!

  5. Karl,

    I’ve enjoyed your blog for a while now. I don’t think I’ve posted before. But how could I turn down the chance to win a career coaching package?

    I actually love my job. The fear I have is that I love it too much…That I’m missing out on other things in life. And that fear is actually somewhat crippling to my happiness at work. For instance, this week was supposed to be quiet at work. But something came up, and instead of enjoying the opportunity to network with some new colleagues, it became a chore. I feel if I get over the fear of missing out on something outside of work, that the quality of my work would be even better and I’d be a lot happier doing all of it.

  6. Hi Karl,

    Thanks so much for offering these free coaching sessions. I could use some superpower coaching to help me better manager my priorities and teach me how to excite and motivate my employees to reach their sales goals.

    Keep up the good work,


  7. Karl,

    What a great idea! From reading your other posts, I can see that your attitude and drive would help inspire me and others in the work place.

    All the best,

  8. I just came across your blog, apparently because I am looking for exactly what you’re offering.
    Once I figured out how to apply myself in high school (studying helps;), I’ve kept pushing my envelope and finally, on my second career, ended up as a PhD scientist at a top-tier research institution. I always felt I could do more/better which led me here. Except now, I feel like my IQ is 75 on a regular basis. Sitting in front of a computer, despite how much I loved them growing up, makes me feel like I have ADD, and it drains me of my spark, and stresses me out an amazing amount. In my continuing search for ‘what’s right for me’, I think I’ve found a local maximim, but not my global max.
    I think public school churned the creativity out of me (I used to be really into art), but I keep trying to get it back – first in a short career in advertising, now in recent years it’s come back with a vengeance in pottery, gardening/landscaping, decorating, baking… anything tangible and messy. I keep infusing science into these pursuits, which I find super exciting, but without a really coherent plan. Thus, I come out with far less to show for it than I feel I could or should. I feel like there’s these opportunities and great ideas that I can’t fully form for myself. Maybe some expert direction can help bring all this into more clarity? I would *love* to harness a superpower rather than keep watching this little mess of fireworks I have going off in all directions right now.

  9. Karl,
    I know what my superpowers are, I dabble with them, but I’ve yet to apply them. I am currently doing an overhaul in the career department so that my work is my passion, and I enjoy it fully. So, I’m releasing and opening doors, but what I cannot bring myself to release is my full time job to completely embrace my new career path. I can give you a few excuses, but the truth is excuses are fear based. I do not love my full time job, but I am good at it, it offers me security and benefits and is the *perfect* excuse not to apply myself fully to my new venture.
    The energy in my new venture is amazing, it lights up my life, it heals others, it’s powerful, exciting, exactly what I am meant to be doing. But it is so different from that of anyone that I personally know, and I am afraid to be successful because success isn’t in my heritage and success means more change. Change for the good. I am literally opening my heart to God and the Universe and my dreams are manifesting…I know when I focus on good, it grows, yet I am distracted by that which I cannot release. And if you ask me, I will tell you that my new venture is the last step in aligning my internal with external– I still have tons more learning and growing, but with this last piece my life will be authentic and the peace I feel already is amazing. When my heart is peace filled what I share with others is pure and good. Perfect. Yet, I cannot take that last step. I am inching toward it, around it, looking at it….almost ready, yet haven’t summoned up the Faith to jump. I encourage and inspire others, am very much attuned with myself, and I very much want to take that last step. I think I just don’t know how.

  10. I want to thank everyone who has commented so far. I have thought about responding to each one, but this wouldn’t be fair. I want to be as impartial as possible, so the best comment wins.

    So I will be contacting everyone individually to let them know if they were picked as the lucky winner.

    There will also be a special offer to those who participate, but don’t win. I want to make sure that you know that I appreciate you too.

  11. I’d like to add, I enjoy your post daily and rarely have the time to be as active as I’d like to. I couldn’t really identify one that is most pressing from the list. If I had to zero in on one that stands out most it would be Conquering your fears. I’ve been in the healthcare industry in HR for close to 15 yrs now and feel somewhat complacent. I’ve grown as well as made some advancement in my career however without a degree. I believe my fears have held me back for so long I lack the energy to pursue one now. I’ve always said after my two daughters are done I’d like to put the focus back on me and achieve that one goal. Both have graduated H.S. and off to college and the youngest is now in her 2nd year, so my excuse now – the financial burden with her unmet needs and expenses would be impossible to add my own cost for school????

    There is some truth there and so I tend to not make it an excuse.

  12. Hi Karl,

    Thanks for the offer! This looks great! Working in a stressful environment, I am more than open to any suggestions for reducing my stress and look forward to hearing what you can offer me.

    Thanks again!


  13. I have used up any freebies you can offer and much much more. Your help is appreciated more than you know. Best of luck to you Karl, the site looks great!

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  15. Thank you for a generous and caring blog. I am in a stuck place – have been made redundant several times over the years and know that something better always comes from it.

    Have been out of work since November and miss the joy of caring for colleagues. I get energized being around people and really want to make more of a contribution with my life.

    Keep up the good work.

  16. I know what my mission is on this earth – to inspire and motivate others. I am doing that now but really want to take it to the next level and to a bigger audience. The problem is that I am getting in my own way or my fear is getting in my way. Wow was that ever hard to admit and took an even longer time to realize. Now you have it and that’s why I need your help. When I win the contest and get your great coaching, you will be helping me plus thousands of others as well.

    Thanks so much and looking forward to speaking (What we focus on we attract).

  17. There are moments withing my life where I have squeaked by the intense fear of rejection to push forward against all odds. Those are the moments when I shine.

    The rest of my life, however, screams out – begging for me to push forward and achieve the success I’ve dreamed of personally and professionally.

    How does one become successful in a world such as this when the fear of success overcomes the soul? How will I be capable of holding my household together? Will my children receive the tender care in which they deserve? Will my husband’s jealousy at my working from home be the demise of our marriage? If so, can I do it all myself?

    I don’t have a choice but to work from home. My youngest child came at 24 weeks in gestation and has lived 148 days of his life, thus far, in the hospital. He’s not even two, yet.

    The struggle is there, each moment, each day. Rising above and persevering through seems almost… impossible.

  18. Hi Carl,

    It would be great If I won this one, I just received your link from Qatar visiter, While Im seeking from them some help on how to get the resume more attractive to employer
    and by getting this free session from you will be great help and great start, thank you.

  19. I dream every day to work in the State of Qatar and has done nothing to hurt so my dream a reality! Can you help me?

  20. Hi Karl,
    Wow you sure have some wonderful and sincere readers at your blog. What an amazing influence you’ve had in their lives.

    What you are offering speaks of who you are as a person and I’m honored to know you! Could luck with picking the winner!

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  22. My life has been a series of nearly there kind of
    jobs. The problem for me is not having interests. But
    having too many. I am very interested in many things.
    But I am passionate about none.

    Twenty years of that and I am a lost soul.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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  24. Juliet | For the Bride

    Hi Karl

    My woe is sales…marketing…

    They all say you can’t blame it on your personality and you can “learn”, but my mind simply boggles and I seem to be chasing my tail trying to find the best knowledge and well, learning how to just do it.

    This is not the first time I’ve been faced with sales (and failed). Now it is time for mastery!


  25. Oh, Boy — I guess it is time to come out of the closet. While I once wrote “Wonder Woman” as my occupation on a medical form, my super powers have dimmed — big time. That expression — “hiding you light under a bushel” – well, I have stomped it out and hosed it down. Sigh… Just this morning I decided that I suffered from idea poisoning. This was sparked from a tweet I read that said ideas + no action = BS. So while my ideas give me a case of brain rodents, all I seem to do is watch them scurry around. I am ready to act — but actually, I only seem to be ready to think about acting. I need help — and I seriously do not like to ask for it. I work, I scheme, I dream, I seem. But I want to beam! Are you the guy to help me?

  26. hi
    It started as a quest to find meanining and understand the ways of the world. It became a quest for my purpose,my work, my true self that needs to shine and be shared with the world. What stops me -fear, the dungeons within. What drives me -light, the beauty within. This is a process of self discovery yet i feel lost in myself. I am a writer, a thinker, a dreamer and now i yearn to act. .but something stops me..what do i do, can i do it…is this it…the thinker wants to act and to find a coach is a blessing..god bless from india

  27. Hi Karl .. I loved the interview Tess did with you – over on The Bold Life. Particularly highlighting the fact that if we’re happy, our work improves .. and actually our life improves – because of course we take that happiness into other areas of our life .. family, recreation etc & we have that extra bounce in our step – probably adding something extra in to our day .. improving our own life.

    Thanks – great post over there .. good to be here ..Hilary

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